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list Subject Author Post Date

log4j user logging Catalina.out trace : memory leak Remko Popma 2014-04-10
java user lucene How to ignore stop word gaps in queries? Lucene... Chris Tomlinson 2014-04-10
issues maven (MRELEASE-875) release:prepare does not commit... nicerobot 2014-04-10
users maven Hot deployment using jetty 8 and maven Wayne Fay 2014-04-10
issues maven (MNG-5359) Declared execution in PluginMgmt ge... nicerobot 2014-04-10
user poi XWPF - Watermark Perundevi 2014-04-10
issues maven (MENFORCER-191) bannedDependencies shouls work... nicerobot 2014-04-10
user poi xls maximum number of comments fanfy 2014-04-10
java user lucene Performance issues with the default field compr... Alex Parvulescu 2014-04-10
java user lucene Core is not getting loaded with copied index. Modassar Ather 2014-04-10
log4j user logging Compressing only old rollover files Simon Park 2014-04-10
issues maven (MCHANGES-330) JQL fails if project name is AS nicerobot 2014-04-10
users maven Maven Download and Regular Expression Baptiste MATHUS 2014-04-10
java user lucene problem in using distanceFilter in booleanFilte... david.w.smiley 2014-04-10
issues maven (MRELEASE-872) NPE in release:perform when spe... nicerobot 2014-04-10
java user lucene background merge hit exception Jason Wee 2014-04-10
fop users digest xmlgraphics fop-users Digest 10 Apr 2014 03:46:02 -0000 Iss... fop-users-digest-... 2014-04-09
issues maven (SUREFIRE-1074) Should Surefire-api scan Inner... nicerobot 2014-04-09
issues maven (WAGON-413) Private Key authentication is no l... nicerobot 2014-04-09
issues maven (MANTRUN-182) failOnError wrong documentation nicerobot 2014-04-09
issues maven [jira] (MNG-5605) ssh-wagon hangs nicerobot 2014-04-09
issues maven (MINDEXER-78) updating a local index from remo... nicerobot 2014-04-09
users maven Archiva vs. Nexus Martin Gainty 2014-04-09
issues maven (MASSEMBLY-693) Update XSD Versions in examples nicerobot 2014-04-09
issues maven (MNG-5614) Continuous Delivery Friendly Versio... nicerobot 2014-04-09
fop users xmlgraphics Bookmarks, metadata stripped in postscript output A Gian 2014-04-09
general lucene [VOTE] Release PyLucene 4.7.1-1 Andi Vajda 2014-04-08
user poi Streaming XSSFWorkbook through Encryptor Andreas Beeker 2014-04-08
issues maven (ARCHETYPE-423) archetype:crawl goal fails wit... nicerobot 2014-04-08
issues maven (MJAVADOC-391) excludePackageNames doesn't wor... nicerobot 2014-04-08
issues maven (MRELEASE-874) Improve doc about specifying ve... nicerobot 2014-04-08
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