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Subject: Re: Impact of Term Vectors

We 've run into an issue with the term vectors. When indexing a small corpus (~3k docs 1.3G) everything works fine as it does with a small number of documents from TREC-6 (so we believe that our inde

Impact of Term Vectors (was ApacheCon next week)

Good question. I was wondering about the impact of adding term vectors with the various options. For example is adding term vectors with both positions and offsets a significant impact? Which current

Subject: lucene similarity value range

Hi I am wondering whether the range of the similarity values is guaranteed to be inside a well-defined range (e.g. between [0..1]). I use the DefaultSimilarity implementation from the SVN Lucene ver

html parsers and numers of terms

I have been experimenting with a couple of HTML parsers primarily to compare performance but have discovered a difference in the index for which I haven 't with assurance discovered the cause. The

:Creating the search on last modified list value:

Hi I want create a following search query search and Return results updated in the any time Last 7 days Last 2 weeks Last 1 Month so on. http

newbie question

Hi! For starters I want to apologize if this is the wrong place to post a Cocoon-Lucene question. This is my first encounter with Lucene. I am trying to integrate it with Cocoon. From what I read

DistributingMultiFieldQueryParser and DisjunctionMaxQuery

On Mon 2005-12-12 at 15 35 -0800 Chris Hostetter wrote > Oh BTW I just found the DisjunctionMaxQuery class recently added it > seems. Do you think this query structure could benefit from us

:how to add int fileds to lucene:

Hi I am trying to add some fields to lucene and I heard that adding int values are going to give much faster retrieval than adding to String values. So I want to add int values to document . But

Subject: Large Numeric RangeQueries

Hello and Good Day In my application of Lucene I am must search through some fields that contain numbers with very large ranges on the order of 150000 or so. Suppose I wanted to retrieve all doc

Can I warm-up my search for it 's performance?

Hi I 'm running an index on FSDirectory with 0.4M documents with each of 7 fields. When I open an IndexReader and an IndexSearcher the average search time with hits of 0.2M items (yeah very common

Subject: where to store the index

What would be the best practice storing the index in a webapp. I mean in wich folder? Thanks. Raul.


Hello Is there a projected date for the next release? I am using the code from SVN repos and I am hoping the next release will be before I go to production. I always like a little stability in my l

Integrating Lucene with hibernate3

I 'm trying to integrate lucene with hibernate 3 in my tapestry CMS following the interceptor method (the second one in http // I run into two different problems 1. Luce

index databases

hi there are there any APIs which will index mysql databases and run periodically ? i have one more query if i choose to search on multiple fields do i loose the advantage of fuzzy search and stuff

Confused again ... Getting at results

I am slowly making may way through lucene as witnessed by earlier threads to this mailing list. But I am stuck again going round in circles with the Javadocs. I want to display the results of a u

Lucene Tutorial

Hi there is these any online tutorial which explains how to use the lucene that is Starting from installing lucene to develop a simple application that searches a simple text file.Any advice is high

exporting and importing Lucene documents

We build indexes then share those indexes (along with files and database records) with our client installations. We now have multiple clients and they are beginning to say things like "I 'd like t

ApacheCon next week

Any one planning on going to ApacheCon next week? I will be giving a talk on Lucene on Monday afternoon at 3pm on term vectors span queries and some case studies from our work at CNLP with Lucene.

JVM Crash in Lucene

Hi-- I 'm relatively new to Lucene. When I run my app I get a JVM error. This gets called a lot but only fails every once in awhile (maybe 1 in 100 calls?) I filed a report with Sun but I don 't

delete and optimize

Hi What is the difference between following approaches? Approach1 1) open IndexWriter and index documents 2) optimize the indexWriter and close the indexWriter 3) open the Inde

Index merging

Hello all Whilst merging one index into another using IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader[]) I got the following error. (index _file_path)\_5z.fnm (The system cannot find the file specified) It

pdf and highlighting

Hi all! I have a question concerning analysis and highlighting. I 'm indexing multiple document formats (up to now only html and pdf occured and use the highlighter from the Lucene sandbox. The do

Top n Searches

Hi I 've been asked whether we can do a Top n Searches functionality where we record the most common searched for phrases on a daily basis. I 'm not sure where to start with this or even if this

Subject: Re: Confused about ...

On Wednesday 07 Dec 2005 22 23 Chris Hostetter wrote > -- the real issue is that your query should matches a certain set of > documents if there is a document you 've added to the index that you > e

How to do refined search based on attributes and never return zero results

Has anyway solved the following problem or have good suggestions? Each document is assigned to one or more category nodes in a hierarchy. For example Document1 /Computer/Desktop Document

words with more than 1 hyphen ?

I am back to doing something with Lucene after a short break from it. I am trying to index/search hyphenated words and retrieve them from a token stream. 1. I modified the StandardTokenizer.jj file

Similarity scores for all docs

Hi Is there any way to get the similarity scores for each document in the index? I can iterate thru each doc in the index using the IndexReader but not sure how to get the similarity score for tha

repeating fields

hi all im new to lucene. i have an xml with repeating tags.something like <a > <p >x </p > <p >xx </p > <p >xxx </p > <p >xxxx </p > </a > I add the "p " field as follows myDocument.add(Field.Text( "p " "x ")) m

Subject: New Lucene-based application. is pleased to announce the first public release of "kbforge " a new completely free desktop search application specifically designed for software developers. What differentiates kbfo

Confused about boolean query and how an IndexReader is associated with Hits

I am trying to construct via individual query api a query to search for documents with a field name of "Category " and a value of either "Category1 " OR "Category2 " (or both). My code to do this (g
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