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Excel: Too many different cell formats
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1 3 final: now giving me java io FileNotFoundException (Too many
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XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
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Web Service deployed on the cluster

Hi everybody! I have a question about Axis and it 's specific works on the cluster. I deployed web service on the all nodes of the cluster. And I have session entity when user are working with web ser

xsi:nil= '1 ' Null what is wrong with this soap body?

Newbie question Why I 'm getting this exception from Axis2 server when I send null values? WSDL states nillable 'true '. Clients should omit or send NULL values with xsi nil '1 ' ? This is the WSDL f

Server side initiated HTTP/SOAP request.

Hi Is there a way using AXIS 2 for a Server side implementation to initiate an HTTP/SOAP request ? At the moment the only way for me is to build a client and provide server side with the stub. I 'm

How to implement an asynchronous Web Service

Hi all Sorry for my last email without body! I 'm new to Axis2/Java and want to create an asynchonous web service. My POJO looks like interface AsyncService{ public String echo (String echo) }

How to implement an asynchronous Web service?

org.apache.axis.MessageContext return nothing

Hi all is there anyone that can help me? I have wrote a stupid java application to use org.apache.axis.MessageContext.getCurrentContext() api but it return nothing. Does anyone know why? Thanks f

Axis 1.2 .NET wrapped array interoperability

Hi all We currently have a java application that provides a number of axis web services that are rpc/encoded and have be recently experiencing problems with integrating into web services client t

Status of AXIS2-1643

Hi I have stumbled upon - by calling a method in a generated Skeleton that throws the default UnsupportedOperationException - the same bug as the one reported in JIRA issue AXIS2-1643. I am using ax

AXIS2 engages or supports any BPEL engine?

Hi all Does AXIS2 support BPEL directly? i checked the specification says no but what about the future? And also what BPEL engine does AXIS2 fully support? cheers!!

Subject: How to get session cookie

Hi I have set a service to transport session scope and the session context worked as expected. But when I try to get the session cookie id it always returns null. MessageContext cxt Mes

Manual module deployment

Hello Is it possible to tell axis to load only a specific module instead of going over "modules " directory? Our server receives and calls external web services. When it is in a mode to call exte

help. newbie error. cannot deploy

Hello I am an Axis newbie. Trying to deploy. I receive an error. Nothing in the logs to show more detail C \Everest\WebDeploy >java -classpath C \Everest\WebDeploy\axis\axis.jar C \Everest\We

Subject: Jar files in /tmp

Hello I have been running a server process for months now and it uses Axis2. I noticed that there are some files in the /tmp directory by the names like axis2XXXXXName.jar where XXXXX is a numb

JiBX binding file not found error

Hi I 've deployed a service successfully using JiBX databinding framework. The Jibx binding file (binding.xml) has been included in the service archive file (.aar). But when the client invokes the s

engaging soapmonitor-1.1 in Axis2

I have a webservices written. It is running correctly as far as I can tell. I have a client that 's calling the service and is receiving the correct responses. Next week I plan to give a small demo to

Axis failing (with time out) but SOAPUI works

I have a web-service in two servers. One of then works fine from java/axis. The other service just gets a time-out. The problem is that both work well when I use SoapUI as the client. I then TCPMon 'e

Axis2 - soapwithattachments example

Hello Using Axis 2 1.1.1 I was able to successfully run the soapwithattachments example. After this service was deployed I was then trying to use the WSDL2Java tool on the deployed WSDL ( h

1.1.1 modules not downloadable from mirrors

The new Addressing and SoapMonitor modules from version 1.1.1 downloads point to apache mirror sites but the mirrors dont have the files for download. I tried a bunch of mirrors with no success. The

wsdl2java / Axis2 : Is namespace / prefix handling in SOAP messages

Rainer .Net has no problem dealing with explicit versus default namespace declarations. My guess is that the problem is caused by the fact that .NET doesn 't support RPC/Literal. Rather than using R

wsdl2java / Axis2 : Is namespace / prefix handling in SOAP messages conf

Hi up to now I had a web-service implemented in Axis2 along with a client written in .Net 2 C# up and running successfully. I use wsdl2java and wsdl.exe in order to create the server and client stub

Question on TRANSPORT_IN_URL in Axis2-1.1.1

Hi all I have updated my Axis2-1.1 to Axis2-1.1.1 today and encountered some problems. Currently I use the TRANSPORT_IN_URL field you can get with the following code inside a MessageReceiver or a Mo


Hello I am interested to know what is the current status of Kandula2 ? Is there a buildable module which is ready to use and to what extent does it cover the specs (Atomic Transaction and WS Coordi

Could AXIS2 used together with jUDDI?

Hi all I am having a project that require to retrieve service from private UDDI registry. Currently i am using Geronimo server + AXIS2 + jUDDI v09rc4.

Subject: Configuration in Rampart 1.1

Hi I am currently trying to upgrade to Rampart 1.1 from Rampart 1.0 and using Rampart 1.0 we could talk to multiple services from a single client by programmatically configuring the parameters u

wsa:To and wsa:From, etc.. are missing in the SOAP header

I am using ServiceClient 's addHeader method to add header to my SOAP messages on my client. But I don 't see the following block of elements (wsa MessageID wsa To wsa Action wsa From Address ...)


Hello I 've googled but found nothing -( I need to communicate with client 's web service that supports SOAP 1.1 schema version 1999. What I need to achieve is to serialize base64 data as xsi typ

error in generated classes in axis2 1.1.1

I just generated the stub using axis2 1.1.1 In some classes generated im getting the error "The field parentQName is defined in an inherited type and an enclosing scope ". I used the option u (Unpack

Subject: Array is not supported

Hey All I 'm new to SOAP and axis and am trying to come up to speed. I have been given a wsdl file at work and have been told to investigate how we could build a web service around it with axis/jav

Help defining fault

Hi I need help defining the WSDL for the following fault message. Note that AuthenticationFailed has no namespace prefix but MyElement does <soap Fault > <faultcode >AuthenticationFailed </

Migrating from Axis 1 to Axis 2 (client side) with programmatic WSDL parsing

Hi I 'm currently upgrading some code from Axis 1 to Axis 2 and am having problems matching some of the functionality in Axis 1 with Axis2. I 've had a look in the documentation and not found a
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