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SOAP Implementation

Axis supports rpc/encoded (default) and document/literal (both wrapped and unwrapped). In Axis 1.3 they added support for rpc/literal. Axis2 supports rpc/literal and document/literal. Axis2 1.3 added

Subject: Re: SOAP-ENV namespace not defined in response

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash SHA1 As I mentioned you earlier this is a problem in Axis C++ project. Please goto http // and subscribe to axis C++ mailing list

Subject: Re: Remove OMElement from SOAPBody

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash SHA1 barElement.detach() kevin glenny wrote > To calrify my question I am using Axis2 and AXIOM and want to remove > the OMElement from the SOAPBody . Wha

Subject: RE: Runtime best practices for Axis2

Axis2.xml from the documentation is supposed to be for global configuration. But it is available outside .AAR file so a user could change the configuration without repackaging the .AAR file. But tha

Subject: RE: Rampart error with MustUnderstand

I did finally get the code in sample02 to work although not with Tomcat 5.5.23. Switching to Tomcat 5.0.28 works for me though (and eliminates the error below). I 'm sure it 's some kind of library i

Subject: RE: Rampart error with MustUnderstand

Check out policy sample02 in Rampart 1.3. The policy/service.xml files work there. I have also gotten it to work for my own wsdl app. However I am having trouble adding a UsernameToken to the mix.

Subject: RE: What Java object fulfills databinding.types.Time?

Try 'Calendar ' -----Original Message----- From soloto@(protected) [mailto soloto@(protected)] Sent Friday September 07 2007 12 53 To axis-user@(protected) Subject What Java object fulfills databind

Subject: RE: Tips on sending java objects via axis2

Probably not. The point of SOAP (and other XML based protocols) is to be implementation independent. Java serialization is definitely not independent and can cause surprising failures. I work with Axi

Subject: Tips on sending java objects via axis2

I am in the need to send back and forth some custom java objects I created (some have vectors and hash maps in them.) I used to solve this in the past (using apache 's soap api and xstream) by convert

Subject: Help solving InvokationTargetException with Axis2 codegen plugin for eclipse

Hi I am using Eclipse "europa " J2EE version with the Axis2 v1.3 codegen plugin for my webservices. I 've successfully created and deployed webservices with these plugins and I am very happy with them

Subject: What Java object fulfills databinding.types.Time?

What sort of Java object fulfills the requirements of org.apache.axis2.databinding.types.Time ? I am trying to set a Time in a WSDL record via a Java class. But I have not been able to find a Java

AAR + spring issues

Hey folks I 'm getting errors when I try to use spring inside the AAR. It seems that I can 't use the <property/ > functionality with spring however I can use constructor loading. I 'm still just doi

Subject: Ho to get unsubscribe

Hello guys Does anybody know how I can unsubscribe to this list I already sent a couple emails to axis-user-unsubscribe@(protected) but I keep getting this msg thread. Thank you Carlos Alberto

Axis2 File Caching

I am using Axis2-1.2 and I am enabling file caching on both the Client and the Server side using the following ************************************************************************* Server side

SOAP Implementation

Well this may also shed some light to what I am asking - thanks to Anne again http // 289625 sid26_cid494324_tax289201 00.html Anne Thomas M

SOAP Implementation

And you are saying that Anne because Axis support SOAP RPC Encoding? Does Axis2 supports SOAP Document/Literal encoding? Does it also support wrapped document literal ? Anne Thomas Manes wrote > If

Subject: Another Newbie Axis2 Question

Ok I apologize this is a stupid question ... I may find the answer quickly but I will ask anyway. I am writing a data sync application ... I want this web Service to have three methods Push P

Subject: initialization error in Axis2 1.3

Hi all I 'm facing following error when I try to start axis2server.bat from command prompt. It was working fine till sometime back don 't know what went wrong. Tried googling but couldn 't get exac

Subject: axis2 vs axis2/c

Hi Is there a mailing list dedicated to axis2/C? Thanx M.

Intermediary Service

I recommend you use Synapse rather than Axis2 to create the intermediary. See http // Anne On 9/7/07 Alejandro Calbazana <alejandro@(protected) > wrote > Hi > > I have a w

Subject: Parameter passing problem

I am new to Axis2. I am trying to send a parameter in the URL as a REST call. However I am unable to figure out why my server-side function does not get the parameter. I keep on getting null. I have

Subject: RE: Axis2 events handling

Hi Jeff I 've been out of office the last 2 days and I 've just came. Well for the problem I have found a way to solve it using Phases in Axis2 (this is directly related to what you have said ab

Subject: RE: Invalid element/Deserialisation

Which release are you looking for? http // This has all releases from Axis 1.0 to Axis 1.4 including release candidates and actual releases plus src code for most of

Subject: Re: Invalid element/Deserialisation

Hi Dims Thanks for the url. I visited that site it has only axis1.4. Thanks anyway. Wendy dims wrote > > http // has the old releases. > > -- dims > > On 9/6/07 Wendy Ba

Subject: Rampart config examples 1,2,3

Hi I was trying to check out the config examples from http // (Examples 1 Example 2 Example 3) but couldn 't find those. Does anybo

Intermediary Service

Hi I have a web service that is both a service and a client - an intermediary. The intermediary uses the same schema in its service definition as that defined in the service definition of its dep

Subject: Problem with BeanUtil.deserialize()

This is a part of my project A dataype i have defined in a .xsd File <complexType name "Rating " > <sequence > <element name "userId " type "string " > </element > <element name "custom

Subject: Re: Remove OMElement from SOAPBody

Many thanks for the solution -) On 9/7/07 Sanka Samaranayke <ssanka@(protected) > wrote > > kevin glenny wrote > > Hi all > > > > I am trying to remove a OMElement from the SOAPBody in my Handler a

Subject: Re: Constructors in C# from WSDL(Axis 1.1).

It sounds like your WSDL is missing a required <xs import > statement. If you post the WSDL I 'd be happy to review it for you. Anne On 8/30/07 Srinivasa K <kusampudi.axis@(protected) > wrote > > > Hi

Subject: Re: axis 1 - message style service and custom wsdl file

Some more guidance on this There are a couple of reasons why you might have to use a wrapper element 1- If you want to send more than one root element in a single SOAP message 2- If you want your s
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