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server-application for soap-messages?

Hi I want to create a socket server to be able to get soap-messages from connected clients. The client should get a response as soap-messag too. The SocketServer reads data as follows public void

Configuration to use my WSDL rather than AXIS generated WSDL

All I am having some interoperability problems with a .NET client and they 've suggested that it 's because of the changes that AXIS makes to my WSDL when the services are published. I 'd like to mak

WSDL-document indirection in ServiceClient

WSDL4J provides the WSDLLocator interface to provide an extensible mechanism for providing WSDL content. This would be helpful for situations in which WSDL content must be provided from some unusua

Axis2 and JAXB

Hi at all I try to use a JAXB implementation inside axis2 but I did not get it to run. There comes ever the Exception " <package > doesnt contain ObjectFactory.class or jaxb.index " but there is a Obj

Timeout issues

Hi We 're using Eclipse 3.3.0 to generate code from WSDL 's. It uses Axis 1.4. The code seems to be generated fine and we can compile it execute the web services fine. However when the web service

How to enforce AxisFault message to MTOM encoded?

Hi Microsoft WSE3 requires that MTOM is to be used either not at all or for every message involved in a request (the reasoning behind this can questioned ...). So in order to work with WSE3 and MT

Custom dispatcher

Hi Axis2 guys first let me tell you that we really like Axis2 and consider it a great software. In fact we have embedded it in our system (through Jetty) and it seems we 'll be able to use it for

Please remove me from this list <EOM >

**************** CAUTION - Disclaimer ***************** This e-mail contains PRIVILEGED AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION intended solely for the use of the addressee(s). If you are not the intended re

Case of method names generated by wsdl2java

Hi Amila If this is fixed should I try the latest nightly build? - Vish.

How to specify wsdl operation so that wsdl2java generates method thr

Any suggestions here?

Architecture: Asynchronous Web services with Axis1 and Axis2 -

Hi So far we have used Axis1 to create a number of Web services in my project. We see it works well with the request-response message pattern. Only one issue is that we could not have Asynchronous

Referring to Creating Web Services with Apache Axis -- 5/22/2002

I was going through your article written in 2002 on Apache Axis. Since then Axis2 has come out. I am new to Axis2 and Web Services. I was trying to follow the steps you wrote for Axis2. I was goin

axis Calendar time zones

Hello I am currently using axis 1.3 working with java Calendar objects across Web Services. I realized that axis by default sets the timezone to GMT when serializing dates. How can I tell axis

ExceptionInInitializerError when trying to create a new ServiceClient

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN " > <html > <head > <meta content "text/html charset ISO-8859-1 " http-equiv "Content-Type " > </head > <body bgcolor "#ffffff " text "#000000 " >

Suggestions on maintaining backward compatibility in web services

Hi We have an existing web services architecture and stable APIs which are being used by our customers. We will be rolling out a new release shortly (upgrading to Axis2 1.3) and enhancing the web

port name and binding name overwriting

Hi all I 'm generating code from a WSDL using org.apache.axis2.tool.ant.AntCodegenTask In my WSDL the service definition looks like this <wsdl service name "someService " > <wsdl documentati

: <package > doesnt contain ObjectFactory.class or jaxb.index

Hi at all I try to use a JAXB implementation inside axis2 but I did not get it to run. There comes ever the Exception " <package > doesnt contain ObjectFactory.class or jaxb.index " but there is a O

Sharepoint Web services

Hi I generated Java code using wsdl2java for Microsoft sharepoint web services http //server/_vti_bin/Webs.asmx. I am trying to execute the GetWebCollection methods using the following code. <code

https transportsession bug: cannot restart tomcat

Hi everybody I am new to the list so please point me to the right direction if I am doing something wrong. I am using axis2-1.3 through https // and the apache redirector of port 8009 and I have a

Axis1/1.4 Client to MTOM WebService

Anne That would require changing the service (not out of the question but not desired). I am assuming at this point that the error is in my client-side implementation of an Axis1 MTOM client. Is th

export a webservices with wsdl 1.1

Hi i am new in axis2 and i export a lot of webservices from my applicacion (spring based application). By defaul axis2 export this services with wsdl 2.0 service contract definition (dynamic wsdl

Result Structure / wsdl file

Now I 've used wsdl2java to get my classes aut of the correct wsdl file. The returned xml has changed a bit to <ns myStatusResponse > <ns return type "webservice.MyStatusResponse " > <ns status >new </ns

WSDL2C InvocationTargetException

Hi folks did anyone run into problems with converting WSDL to C structures a document containing 'any ' elements? I have the same problem submitted as a bug (https //

Error in extracting properties: maybe a FAQ

Hi All I am trying to add a custom wsse Security element in the SOAP envelope before to apply the policy (since I 've some problems with it). I use this code //Service invocation ServiceClient cl

extending axis2 1.3 ADB to support Hashtable

Hi all i 'm using axis2 1.3 with ADB to create a webservice from a POJO. So far it 's working as expected. And now i need to use Hashtable. If i look at the generated wsdl there is a use of xs Hashta

Generic Web Service client

On 10/30/07 Evgeniy Vyborov <evyborov@(protected) > wrote > > Hi folks. > > I 'm new to Axis 2. > Now I 'm trying to implement wsdl-based generic web service client. > The logic of this client is simple

Axis2 WSDL2Java error during service skeliton/stub generation

On 11/1/07 Kiran Sriram <kiran.sriram@(protected) > wrote > > Hi Anne > > If I define void types as complex types then it is generating server > skeleton/client stubs properly with out any errors. >

wsdl2java not including new function

On 11/2/07 James Neff <jneff@(protected) > wrote > > I 'm kinda discouraged that I didn 't get a response to my question. It 's > hard to support open source tools when the community isn 't there t

Axis2 sample - pojoguide Unexpected EOF in prolog

Hi Using Windows XP Tomcat 5.5 Java 5.0 Ant 1.7 I can not get the Axis2 sample pojoguide client program WeatherRPCClient to send a correct SOAP request to the the uploaded WeatherService. The

Subject: Re: Result Structure / wsdl file

I 'm using Axis2 ) Roman ---- Original Message ---- From atmanes@(protected) To axis-user@(protected) Subject Re Result Structure / wsdl file Date Fri 2 Nov 2007 19 32 32 -0400 >Upgrade to Ax
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