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Hi I get the following exception trying to instantiate a SlideShow with a specific PPT file I get org.apache.poi.hslf.exceptions.CorruptPowerPointFileException The PowerPoint file had a b

null pointer

I?ve tried this on 2.5 and 3.0 alpha 12/12/2006 3.0 alpha also destroyed the xls file I?m getting a null pointer trying to get the cell. Get for code and xls file at this url http

Subject: 3.0 alpha 3 changelog?

Is the 3.0 alpha3 changelog available somewhere? We had a "slight " problem with alpha2 Our app a simply hpsf thingy updating existing custom properties (Custom properties in the File - > Properties

Can POI recognize Chinese or Japanese Characters?

Hello I have a file(.xls) which contains some chinese characters. Can you tell me whether POI can do the transformation on those chinese strings. Thanks Suresh

problem reading xls files created by Perl module Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

Hello I had problem reading xls files created via Perl module Spreadsheet WriteExcel (v2.17 released May 21 2006). Excel sample is available at http //

read and write data from MS word file

Hello Friends I am a new user of POI. Can anyone help me in telling how to read and write data from MS word file. I am able to do it with Excel File. Thanks for the help Vaibhav -- View this mes

Negative Zero

I thought that Excel had the capability of displaying a zero as a negative. Typically by use of parenthesis or the color red. (I must confess I can 't remember how though) Any idea how you get a

HSSFCell returns numeric value instead of Strings (for numeric strings)

When I read the spreadsheet(cell format as text) it has numbers with like 100 10000 0.967 etc. When I read them using POI I get 100.0 10000.0 0.97 etc. 1. In Excel I formatted all cells a

Subject: POI 3.0 Alpha 3

Hi All Just a quick announcement that we 've released alpha 3 of POI 3.0. You can download this from your favourite apache mirror http // http

Subject: Add non-Excel functions ?

Dear experts I am wonder if is it possible to add non-excel simple function ie user-defined functions and have FormulaParser evaluate it. Thanks.

Can you add a cover page to a Word doc using HWPF?

I 'm attempting to add a cover page to any arbitrary Word document using POI and the obvious solutions (inserting a paragraph and setting a page break for example) aren 't working. In fact using "in

Subject: POI, Excel, charset 1251

hi ! my Java program create Excel file where i tried fill in cell by Cp1251 (rus/cyrilic) string charcode but in Excel app this strings looks like this "! " " " "ý ý ý ý ý 

Pseudo Copy Constructor Failing

Since there doesn 't appear to be a HSSFCell copy constructor I am attempting to create one as shown below. It seems to be working reasonably well except that it is not copying the old CellStyle

Subject: Supported Excel Functions

Dear users Does anyone know which Excel function that POI currently supported? I am using POI 3.0 alpha2 built from source. Thanks.

Problems with HSSF and character sets

Hello I 'm having problems using HSSF with czech files and probably other languages that have special characters in them. If I open a file and then simply write this same file to the ha

Antwort: Re: Add images to a cell using POI 2.5 ---Help urgent

thanks a lot for the detailed reply ...Can you please let me know if possible ..JExcel code snippet ... pythonaddict@(protected) 07.12.2006 14 11 Bitte antworten an poi-user@(protected)

Add images to a cell using POI 2.5 ---Help urgent

the error is still there ..POI 2.5.1 does not support this feature .....Is there any other way by which this can be implemented .. [javac] 688 cannot find symbol [javac]

Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Add images to a cell using POI 2.5

Not tested this so I cannot be sure but I think it is just a spelling error. You have entered wb.addPicture(bos.toByteArray() HSSFWorkbook.PICTURE_TYP_PNG) and I think it should be wb.addPictur

Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Add images to a cell using POI 2.5 ---H

[javac]reports\action\ 669 cannot find symbol [javac] symbol variable PICTURE_TYP_PNG [javac] location class org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.HSSFWorkbook [javac

Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Add images to a cell using POI 2.5 ---Help urgen

What error/exception are you seeing when you try to add the image? Could you post the statctrace please - if there is one? m-n.rajulah@(protected) wrote private int loadPicture( String path

Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Add images to a cell using POI 2.5 ---Help urgent

private int loadPicture( String path HSSFWorkbook wb ) throws IOException { int pictureIndex FileInputStream fis null ByteArrayOutputStream bos null try

PPT Unicode

Hi List When PowerPoint stores text in Unicode a unknown char (byte value 0) is placed between every "normal " char making the text 2 times longer than it really is. I can ignore these garbag

Antwort: Re: Add images to a cell using POI 2.5 ---Help urgent

Iam using .png pythonaddict@(protected) 05.12.2006 13 48 Bitte antworten an poi-user@(protected) An poi-user@(protected) Kopie Thema Re Add images to a cell using POI 2.5 ---He

How can I extract information from a object?

How can I extract information from a object (ex Line)? With the methods - getAnchor() - getMaxX()) - anchor.getMaxY() - anchor.getMinX() - anchor.getMinY() And the fields -

Add images to a cell using POI 2.5 ---Help urgent

I want to have a logo in a cell and tried having it part of the template and loading it .. While trying to open gives error which otherwise works perfectly without the image .. Therefore tried the f

Found a TextHeaderAtom not followed by a TextBytesAtom or TextCharsAtom: Fol

On Mon 4 Dec 2006 qwerty_giggi wrote > Found a TextHeaderAtom not followed by a TextBytesAtom or TextCharsAtom > Followed by 3999 3999 is TextHeaderAtom so it looks like you have TextHeaderAtom

Found a TextHeaderAtom not followed by a TextBytesAtom or TextCharsAtom: Followe

If I already create a presentation from one existing with the command SlideShow ppt new SlideShow(new HSLFSlideShow( "slideshow.ppt ")) the bug is the following Found a TextHeaderAtom not follo

Subject: IndexOutOfBoundsException

Greetings all. I am very new to HSSF and almost as new to Java so if there is something basic that I could have done to get into trouble that is the first thing I need to know. The program ... >

New Project Based On POI And JXL: XML2SpreadSheet

Hi All I have launched a new project to create from XML excel sheets http // It is in nascent stage. Interested people can give inputs. -- Thanks & Regards

Subject: error with getSlideNumber()

org.apache.poi.hslf.model.Slide.getSlideNumber() will not work correctly if we reorder the slides the same bug happens for org.apache.poi.hslf.usermodel.SlideShow.getSlides() the return Slide[] arr
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