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Subject: printing sheet (hssf)

is there a method to print the sheet ? thanx -- View this message in context http // Sent from the POI - User mailing list archive a

WARN. Unread -1 bytes of record 0x7d

This is more of a request/suggestion than a bug report... The same files that caused the "Worksheet/WORKSHEET " issue a month or two ago (excel files generated by Crystal Reports) also have a bad ha

spreadsheet with form elements getting corrupt with poi 3.0

I am generating a spareadsheet by reading off a template excel spreadsheet that has macro 's and form elements like buttons labels etc and then adding data to the spreasdheet with POI. This was worki

How to get cell formula value when reading Excel file with EventModel.

Dear experts I am using POI EventModel to read Excel file. All things works fiine but I could not get the value with formula cell. Is there any advice? Thanks.

Numeric Cell Types.

Hi I 'm wondering.. Am i doing something stupid here or is my poi build (poi-2.5.1-final-20040804.jar) broken? It looks very basic the behavior is unexpected the lib is over 2 years old now and I hav

Problems getting "? " out of Excel cell

I have a spreadsheet with cells that have values like "? " and "? ". I guess these are unicode but I 'm not certain. When I read these values with "HSSFCell.getStringCellValue() " it seems to corrupt

Error with alpha 2 and alpha 3 releases

Hi everyone I tried alpha 2 and alpha 3 releases of POI but on both of them I get the following error when trying to generate large Excel reports java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 30 at

Subject: POI memory usage (redux)

I 'm using poi-2.5.1-final and ran into an issue with POI. Our app gives users the ability to download spreadsheets and some spreadsheets have ~6000 rows with 10 columns. Also at any time many users co

Do OLE2CDF files need to be divisible by 512 bytes in size for POI to read?

I have a custom file that is spit out by a vendor program that I need to modify. Viewing this file in a HEX viewer the first 512 bytes of the header match the specs for a OLE2CDF file but it 's total

Extract pure text from MS Word documents

Hello I am using the org.apache.poi.hwpf.extractor.WordExtractor class to extract the text from MS Word documents. The problem is that the output includes not only the text of interest but also s

New member

Andrew C. Oliver <acoliver <at > > writes > > I 'm sorry autosizing has not yet been implemented. Its a contribution > opportunity. > > -Andy > Since I can 't see what year this post

help with POI & Co.

Hi there I am a newbie to this list. For my open-source project I wrote a search solution using lucene that can extract text content from binary files. For MS-Office files I use POI. The POI basic

How to read single value from merged cells

I haven 't used POI in a long time and I need to throw something together pretty quickly to read specific data out of a somewhat complicated spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet I 'm going to need to read

Problem Storing numeric field with leading zeros

I am having trouble storing a text value field with leading zeros when using HSSF to write cells in an Excel 2002 sheet. For example I am trying to store 00000004578 in the cell using cell row.c

Support for excel comments

Hi All I 'm glad to announce that the long-awaited support for excel comments in POI is implemented. The request to implement it has been in po-dev since June 2002 (see Bug 10215) and finally this fea

Subject: Problem with AutoShape.....

hi to all... I am new of the forum... I am trying to extract the autoshapes from a slide for then to paint them in a Graphics2D...... the code that I used ... for (int a 0 a <VectorAutoShape.size() a

Problem with date formatting in existing xls file

Hi I have problem when try to apply date format in existing xls file. The program works correctly when creating new file but when I read existing file and adding data format is not applied. My c

I am writing an PowerPoint viewer....

hi.... I am writing an application java that taken in input a file .ppt it allows to display it in a window similar to that used in PowerPoint. Until now I have developed these points - TextBox (I

Subject: POI formula syntax checking?

Dear experts I am using Formula Evaluator package to evaluate some Excel functions. When I enter the correct formula syntax it works fine. But when I enter incorrect formula syntax it does not thro

Document Properties (Meta Data) HWPF

In MS OLE documents there is a set of meta data tags like "AUTHOR " "TITLE " and such. When in the Win32 environment I can right click on an OLE file and look at the summary tag and read these attri

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TextRun

Hi I have several PPT presentations that cause an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException to be thrown. Before I open a bug in bugzilla I wanted to know whether this is already a known issue and whether

Subject: Master sheet handling

Hi Is it a known problem that master sheets are not parsed well? I see for example that bullets from master sheets are not identified whereas bullets specifically requested from the user do. Am

Subject: Import into Access Fails

I have the following test program that generates an XLS file with two columns. If I try to import this XLS into Microsoft Access 2003 (File > Get External Data > Import) only the first column shows

Subject: Julien KIRCH est absent(e).

Je serai absent(e) du 22/12/2006 au 03/01/2007. Je suis en vacances jusqu 'au mardi 2 janvier 2007 en cas de besoin merci de contacter C?dric Minois. I 'm off to 2nd january 2007 where necessary p

Automatically converting Excel file with XML into Excel file

Greetings org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.POIFSFileSystem throws an error at when it tries to read an Excel file with xml in it. The header doesn 't hav

How to Read XLS File Saved with File Type HTML through POI/JXL ?

Hello All I using poi since last 2 years but still today i am unable to find the way through wich i can read an XLS file that is of file type HTML/HTM. Any one khnows ? Please help me. Thanks Vijay

dataformat not getting applied in excel

when applying a format for a cell using the HSSF package of POI I come across some behaviour which I cannot understand consider the following to create a style for a number having 2 decimal places

Subject: Writing Word Documents

I am successfully opening a word document that is a Mail Merge document. I can successfully locate all the merge fields and replace them with data from a datasource Now I would like to create a new

Subject: Optimum height of row

Simple question - how can I set optimum height for a excel file row ? In HSSFRow class I didn 't find any method to do this. row.setHeight((short)0) seems to do nothing Thanks JN

Subject: Bug 40143 - Font size

Hi List any news about bug #40143 <http // 40143 >? I 'm experiencing the same problem described in some files. The font size returned is wrong sometimes
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