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Subject: Editing excel file online

Hi All I am newbie to the forum. I have query regarding HSSF. I wrote a code to read the excel file from browsed location and I can also able to read cells. My query is how to edit the b

Getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when creating Excel File u sing POI

Try to specify memory for jvm With java -Xms256m -Xmx512m mypackage.MyProgram best regards ) s@(protected) Javier Manzano -----Original Message----- From Sanae Benchaaboun [mailto SBenchaaboun@(protected)

Getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when creating Excel File using POI

Hi I am getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when trying to create an Excel file with more than 20000 and 6 columns. Any ideas? Thanks Sanae Benchaaboun Webmaster Supervisor Maryland Insurance Adminis


I noticed that the SprmIterator doesn 't actually implement the Iterator interface. I mean it implements 2 of the functions but simply doesn 't "implements Iterator " To do so is a net gain. Also is

Need to set style of a character/paragraph using HWPF

Hi Rainer Actuall by saying style i wanted to say style of character/paragraph i.e if I open a document in ms word it shows just beside font name like... normal heading 1 heading 2.

Need to set style of a character/paragraph using HWPF

Hi all I am quite new to HWPF. I want to create a word doc where characters/paragraph will be written in specific style. So i need to know how can I set style while creating a word doc using

trying to use POI with a DOT file

Hey all I am new to this list and I was hoping for some insight on how to use POI to solve a problem I have. I am currently tasked with updating some code that outputs MSHTML that word interprets

Numeric Cell Type not consistent

I created the HSSFWorkbook with Microsoft Excel. The numeric cell value gets converted into the wrong value in the resultant HSSFCell in the numeric type. The value 0.769 in the file is converted to 0

Subject: Re: Need to merge PPTs

Hi I need this feature too for an Open-jACOB application. Is there any solution available? I have found a commercial lib (Tonic Point Builder) to do this task. But I 'm develop free software and t

HSSF: setPrintArea not working?

Hello I have set the print area of a worksheet using wb.setPrintArea but when I open the resulting file in Excel the print area is not set. I have tried both cell references and rows/cols wb.setP

HSSF Announcement: column autofit is implemented

Hi All I 'm pleased to announce that the "autofit column width " feature is implemented in HSSF. There were many requests to have it since the very beginning of POI and finally it is present. The impl

Subject: countif formula issues

I am using 2.5.1 and countif and sumif formulae result in a #VALUE error when opened in excel (but not in open office). Searching through the list I notice this has been reported before with this vers

creating a cell with a reference with POI

Hello I 'm trying to create an Excel sheet containing a cell having a reference to another cell in the same sheet with POI. I tried to use efficiently the CellReference class but I cannot get any


<amine.esmili@(protected) > Hello I 'm trying to create an Excel sheet containing a cell having a reference to another cell in the same sheet with POI. I tried to use efficiently the CellReference

Need help reg dropdowns in Excel sheets

Hi all I need to display a drop-down (with pre-defined values that will be hard-coded in a List/ArrayList in my Java class) in one particular cell of an Excel sheet. Any pointers regarding th

setColumnwidth not working for columns which have merged cells

I meant 'not ' working in the subject line. Regards - kiru -----Original Message----- From Kiru Pakkirisamy [mailto kpakkirisamy@(protected)] Sent Friday February 23 2007 3 25 PM To poi

Unable to display workbook in JSP

Hi I 've created a workbook in my JSP and am trying to display the output back in my JSP. But I am getting junk data displayed in my browser. Can someone look at my code and tell me what I 'm doing w

setColumnwidth now working for columns which have merged cells

I have certain columns which have two rows merged for a header the first row has 'Source ' the second row has 'Database ' 'Table ' 'Column '. The first column just has two rows merged with one value 'N

Need to merge PPTs

Hi! We need to merge several PPTs into a single PPT -- each of the original PPTs has a single slide with some simple shapes and images and each slide just needs to go straight into the output PPT. I

Data Lost

I?m getting this error ?File Error data may have been lost.? At the very end of my spreadsheet I have my search criteria for the DCOUNTA function and for some reason after the sheet is upda

HWPF search & replace MS WORD

Hi here is what i did with poi library to implement find and search in a MS WORD DOC the replace is working but the format of modified document is altered many newlines and pages are inserted

copy csv files into worksheets of xls file.

Hi I have 6 csv files. I wanted to create a new .xls file in which these .csv files need to be created a seperate worksheets. I could see only we can read each cells of the csv file and copy it in

can 't write in Excel-templates, which include charts

Hello * I have an Excel-file which is a template. In this file my Cocoon-environment (2.1.9) writes some data using the HSSF POI (1.5 because of the old generating app). This works nice. But now I

Subject: Problem with Hyperlink

Hello friends I am stuck up with a problem. It is as follows I have to open an already existing excel file. This file contains row which has a cell containing a Hyperlink. Now i have to insert em

Subject: HWPF search & replace

Hi I 'm looking for a way to find and replace strings in a MS word file. Actually I was not able to find the right method to do that in the apache poi library api. Could anyone help me? Basicly my

OutOfMemory - POI

Hi I 'm using POI to download excel file with around 25K rows and around 90 columns but its throwing OutOfMemory error at certain point. What should be the JVM heap size for such a large file to down

HSSF:Plain background color filling

Hi I am trying to fill a cell in excel sheet with a plain color and then write STH in that cell. I am trying to use this code but it doesn 't work. HSSFCellStyle styleSet wb.createCellSt

Subject: How to draw arrows in HSSF

Hello Is there a way to draw an arrow in HSSF? I 've been reading the API docs and the HOWTO but couldn 't find any mention of it. Or perhaps I should build a ComplexShape with a LineShape and two sha

Computing anchor size for easy image insertion?

Hi all I 'm using Jakarta POI 3.0-alpha3 to write an Excel spreadsheet with images and I 'm having some trouble computing the HSSFClientAnchor size. At the moment I try to manage it by adding col

Subject: HSSF Excel Cell Comments

Yegor I could not try what you advised me and tried a lot of variations in my environment to make this work unfortunately couldn 't succeed. And I really need this handy feature ) In *HSSFPatriar
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