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Jboss 3 2 3+ vs Tomcat Axis Question
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Printing problem
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Excel: Too many different cell formats
Subject: AXIS: tomcat timeout ?
1 3 final: now giving me java io FileNotFoundException (Too many
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XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
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dynamic table

Hi ! Can I create a dynamic table with POI ? Example in the images (image 1 is source data image 2 is result). I can do this in excel in menu "Data "- > "Tables and Dynamic Graphics Reports " (men

HSSFCellStyle problems... border style... background color...

I develope a Java aplication and try to export some data in MS Excel format using POI... I set HSSFCellStyle borders styles... generate the MS Excel but when I try to open Format Cell dlg (in MS Ex

Subject: problems with POI build

I 'm using ANT 1.7 and there is no optional.jars - has anyone worked through this before? Additionally - I did include all required .JARS per the 'How to Build ' instructions - but I get an error te

Subject: Protected workbooks/sheets?

Hi All I believe we can not open a workbook/sheet that is password protected in POI when you have the password? Questions 1. Has anybody extended the code to do this? 2. Will this feature be ther

Subject: Evaluating Cell Reference

In the spreadsheet I 'm processing with POI I have multiple worksheets. The first worksheet is the 'master ' all of the other worksheets reference the first two columns from this 'master ' by referenc

Is POI still under active development?

I 'm looking to use POI to load MS-Excel data to a Lucene index for a major project that I have going on and I wondering about the current development status. The last final release (2.5.1) was in 20

Unable to open created excel file

Hi All I am unable to open the excel file which is created programatically. This is what I am doing fileIn new FileInputStream( "test.xls ") POIFSFileSystem fs new POIFSFileSystem(fileIn)

Jexcel and xlsql performance issue

Hi We are using Jexcel in combination with xlsql driver. Performance seems top be hit badly when we try to read in a sheet.Xlsql seems to read the entire file for every sheet in the file. Sheet s

Confused about reading fill pattern

In my spreadsheet I have a sample region of rows in a single column where the first row has the value "A " and the cell has a white background. The rest of the cells in the column are grey and are

highlight a selected column and set some color

Hi I want to select a column and set some color to it by using POI. How can I do it? rgds

Create Cell comments

Hi Recently I saw some mails about creating Cell comments using POI. In fact using HSSFPatriach and using the method createCellComment(). Is it already available in version 3 alpha? I can 't find in


Hi people Anyone else a bit annoyed about the deprecation of HSSFCell.setCellValue(String value) ? I just saw this because I was using POI alpha 1 release before changing to the POIRC1. Just I don

Focus on written cell throws exception

Hi guys I am getting an exception while reading an excel file where cursor focus is left on a written cell POI not even completes the step POIFSFileSystem fs new POIFSFileSystem(inputStream)

Shifting columns

Dear POI users I am using POI 3.0 alpha. Is there any API that shift columns left and right (similar to shiftRows method of HSSFSheet). I 've looked for it everywhere in POI. Thanks.

Problem appending rows to existing excel sheet

I am trying to appends new rows to an existing excel sheet. Although if I open the file in a text editor I can see that the new rows have been appended. Of course I also see a lot of junk values whi

Deleting column

Dear experts Is there any way to delete a column/row in Excel file using POI? Thanks.

Can I set the active sheet of the workbook?

Hi I am creating Excel file using POI. My application includes generating the 12 sheets for the 12 months of the year. So far OK. After creating all the relevant data I wish to put the cursor to t

Subject: Support for Excel 2003-2007

Subject: POI 3.0 Release Candidate 1

Hi All As most of you will know we are gearing up to doing a 3.0 release of POI. As part of this as release manager I 've produced Release Candidate 1 of POI 3.0. This can be downloaded from http

How to determine what color a cell is from the style color index?

I 'm reading a spreadsheet and I have a cell and it 's cellstyle so I can get the fillbg index. How do I tell what color that is? I can 't even figure it out by looking at the "Constant Field Values "

Subject: Inserting row, column

Is there any way to insert a column berofe an existing column in HSSFSheet?

no. of sheets in one excel file

Hello All Is there any method to return no of sheets in an excel file? Harkirat Guron WiSpry Inc. 20 Fairbanks Irvine CA 92618 -----Original Message----- From Donahue Michael [mailto micha

HWPF Problem (change doc file)

I want to change doc files content which word start " < < < " and end " > > > " . How can ? do it with poi hwpf ? Thanks.

Unable to see value in the formula cell

Hi I have necountered this problem while reading an writing the excel file programatically that for some formula cells the value doesn 't show unless I manually go and select the cell and click in

Read Excel sheet after editing it inside the browser

Zep - I 'm pretty sure you are going to have to save the file locally and then upload the file back to the server as a regular file upload. Not the prettiest solution unless you want to write your o

Read Excel sheet after editing it inside the brower

Hi everyone! I 've successfully opened an Excel file inside the browser but now after editing the sheet I 'm needing to submit the file to read it from a Servlet. In other words I need this step 1

hwpf error

when ? compile following code i get this error C \poi >javac 26 cannot access org.apache.poi.poifs.filesystem.POIFSFileSystem file org\apache\poi\poifs\filesystem\POIFSF

Subject: Classpath for POI jar files

Can any one help me regarding setting class path for POI jar files. I have downloaded the "poi-2.5.1-final-20040804.jar " file. Thanks Harkirat Guron WiSpry Inc. 20 Fairbanks Irvine CA 92618 -----

more than one Excel-sheet with charts

Hello * is it possible (using HSSF 2.5) that I write some values into a predefined Excel-template which consists of two sheets one with the values the second with a chart (pointing to the data o

How do i keep original format of the selected file.

Using POI I read the excel file and writing back to the local disk excel completely lost the format. Is there any way to keep the original format using the POI. For reading cell contents through
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