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Auto fit height of cell values in MS Excel

Hi all Actually I intend to make the height to fit the value of the cell. With best regards Anjishnu. -----Original Message----- From Anjishnu Bandyopadhyay [mailto anjishnu_b@(protected)

Auto fit of cell values in MS Excel

Hi all I am generating an MS Excel sheet through POI. For a column in the sheet I am specifying a width by using the method "setColumnWidth() ". Now if the content of the cell is more then p

Get column index by specifying Excel column index (i.e. "C " for col C)

I 'm working on a method where I want to pass the MS Excel column identifier (i.e. "C " or "AH) and want to retrieve the according numerical index. I.e. 1 for "A " or 34 for "AH ". Was looking through al

Subject: empty cells with iterators

Hello How can i ask in the statement while(cellsIterator.hasNext()) AND (some cell is not empty) since this cell is my control for registering thank you

Outputting CSV files

Can HSSF read in an XLS file and output a CSV?

Subject: update page header reference

Hi I am using poi.hpsf to update custom properties in word document. Example POIFSFileSystem poifs ... DocumentSummaryInformation dsi ... . . . CustomProperties customProperties dsi.getCustomProp

Still having problems building POI

I 'm sorry to keep pinging the list with something as rudimentary as this - but I am having a very hard time getting this to build. I am following the instructions on the "how to build " page but I st

Chart sheet problem - Unable to read file

Hi I am trying to use the HSSF API to 1. load a template contaning a chart sheet 2. write data 3. save the new file with the data It is OK when the chart sheet is the last sheet of my work

HSLF - Adding Picture is 133% of actual size

Hi I 'm adding a picture to new slideshow and it always seems to be scaling it to 133% of actual size. The picture is in the OutputStream os. int i ss.addPicture(os.toByteArray() Picture.PN

Getting "class file has wrong version " error on poi-scratchpad-3.0-rc2 ja

Very strange. We have this setting in build.xml and it is "-target 1.3 "! We should be compatible with 1.3+ JVMs. Nick are you using the standard build.xml? Which JDK? Regards Yegor AS > even if c

Formula Evaluator fails on #REF instead of number

Using 3.0rc2 the formula evaluator failed on a particular cell with the stacktrace following this. Before I file an issue for this is this expected to fail this way? Is there any workaround I can

HSSFFormulaEvaluator.evaluate(cell) fails with NPE because "row " is not set

Is the formula evaluation code in the scratchpad supposed to work? I tried to evaluate a formula in a cell but it gets the following exception java.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache.poi.hss

problem hssf java

hi i hope somebody give me a help i have problems in cells rows and sheets loops in a excel book using poi as soon as i cross and validate all of the cells in a row before go to the second row i

Getting "class file has wrong version " error on poi-scratchpad-3.0-rc2 jar

I 'm trying to use 3.0rc2 and I 'm trying to use the scratchpad jar for the first time. I 'm using JDK 1.4.2. When I try to compile my code with Ant I get the following bad class file ...\lib\poi-

Why does POI javadoc not include scratchpad classes?

I noticed that the javadoc for POI does not include the scratchpad classes. Is this intentional? Is the Javadoc for these classes provide somewhere else?

POI 3.0 RC 2

Hi All We 've had a few bug fixes applied recently so it 's time for another release candidate http // It 'd be great if people could continue to test their cod

Subject: Protecting excel columns

Hi guys I was wondering if it is possible to protect the excel worksheets.. for example to set some cells not to be editable. If this can be done please tell me in which POI version. Best regards

HWFP help

Dear All I am new in this mailing list. I want write a Unicode string into MS doc file. I need help (sample Java code) for this. Please help me. I have to do this as soon as possible. I am running ou

POI251: Worked fine reading one spreadsheet, new one throws RecordFormatExce

If it matters the only thing I know of that 's different in this version of the spreadsheet is that there are some cells with dropdown values. The previous version did not do this. I find it hard to

POI251: Worked fine reading one spreadsheet, new one throws RecordFormatExceptio

I have an app using POI 2.5.1 that reads a spreadsheet and generates some other files from it (in text files). I had it working with one version of the spreadsheet. I now have a new version of the s

How to create MS Word Doc using HWPF

Hi All Is it possible to create a MS Word Document using HWPF (POI)? I have an html page which contains of introduction text on the screen i need to generate a MS Word Document with that text If

How to read just one sheet out of a large excel file?

Hi I?d like to read and write within an existing excel file (10 MB) via HSSF but I always encounter an OutOfMemoryError (not enough heap space). The options java -Xms -Xmx don?t work. So my ques

PPT Error on Writing Presentation

Hi I am working with POI to manage some powerpoint presentations. A simple test is giving me the following strange error.

problem with excel data format

Hello all I would like to let you know about a small (but very important) bug with excel data format. Please create a numeric cell (with value set to e.g. -1232423 and style it data format like thi

Subject: POI-ruby - ruby hangs

I 'm able to create xls files with poi4r just fine but for some reason any ruby script that requires poi4r hangs at the end. Has anyone ever experienced this? Or possibly have some ideas as to what c

Subject: POI and Powerpoint Tables

Hi Whilst searching the archives I came across the following http // c14623915750.20060814182540@(protected)%3e which says creating tabl

Sheet background

Hi Please tell me how can I set the background of a sheet. I 'm using 2.5.1 version of POI. Thanks. Best regards Rodica

Alignment issue in sizing the Cell automatically

Hi all I 'm new to this group. I 'm trying to generate MS Excel from my java code. I 'ts working great but i have some alignment issue like the width of the cell is not enough to fit the text. i.e th


I am attempting to write my own C wrapper for the POI Ruby bindings and am looking for some guidance. I compiled poi4r using the swig wrapper only to result in a segfault which I 'm unable to track do

Subject: HSSF Event model problem

Hi together i try to read a excel file with HSSF event model. This works fine for me. My problem is that i want to get the row and column number of a text cell like of a numeric cell. Has anyone
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