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Excel: Too many different cell formats
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XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
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2 Questions

I have this HashMap which contains Strings... I 'd like to know when in the HashMap the word TOTAL is present if it is present it will set the background color of all the succeeding values under that

how to find style in existing workbook for cell position with

That said if someone wanted to implement Sheet.findStyle(row col) that wouldn 't be silly. It would be silly to return HSSFCell however. Andrew C. Oliver wrote > Guys HSSF is a file format API not


Hi everyone I am having trouble locating HSSFComment in the current POI 's HSSF release. There is already a HOW-TO on the site which does use HSSFComment. Has this not been released formally? any ide

IF(12 <10;1;2) read by getCellFormula as IF(12 <10,1,2)

Hi all Suppose I put the formula in a formula-field IF(12 <10 1 2) If I write the spreadsheet and open the spreadsheet in Excel everything is fine (in Excel I read IF(12 <10 1 2)). If I read the s

how to find style in existing workbook for cell position with no cell

When a cell position (some row/column position such as 0 0) in an existing workbook contains a cell then its style can be found with HSSFCell.getCellStyle(). When a cell position does not contain a

making a video or flash video out of a .ppt Powerpoint

Hello * is there any way to transform a Powerpoint .ppt into a video or a flash video? For example by saving all single sheets in a file... Best Regards Stefan Shoeman

Please help - unknown grbit '16 '

Hi We are using POI_3.0_Alpha.jar file and trying to read spread sheet in the code. It was working fine until few days back. Spread sheet was updated with more tabs and more data and after that

Subject: Using POI with Excel 2007

Hi until now I used POI in my web application to import Excel files. For example HSSFWorkbook excelObject new HSSFWorkbook(((FormFile)form.get( "excelFile ")).getInputStream()) With new Excel 20

Subject: join to poi mailing list

hey i try to join POI mailing list but i didnt success. how can i join ? thank you

Is there a way to listen for cells with no formating?

I need a way to listen for cells with no formatting and no values. Is there a way to do this? <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN " > <HTML > <HEAD > <META http-equiv Content-Typ

Subject: How to seet Font orientation

Hi Is it possible to set the style of cell to write the cell value vertically ? If so pls help thanks! regards Clint S. Barbosa This message is for the designated recipient only and may con

evaluateInCell(HSSFCell) raises a ClassCastException

Hello all I am having a problem while trying to evaluate a formula in POI. I am using the poi-3.0-rc2-20070329.jar and the poi-scratchpad-3.0-rc2-20070329.jar Whenever I call HSSFFormulaEvaluato

Problem with LArge Excel Sheet Generation

hi dear vinamra.singhai i got this error but i am able to generate large excel file using this file y cant u try it in ur code u r trying to generate new spread sheet i suppose plzz

Please help with ppt to txt code snippet...

Hello I urgently and immediately need to convert some of my powerpoint files into txt files.I tried to use hslf but it 's giving problems for slides with templates..Can anyone Please heilp wi

Subject: 3.0 release (and maven)

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash SHA1 Hi there everybody is waiting for the 3.0 release and everything in head is better than an almost 3 years old release. Anyways take the time you need t

problem with HSSF eventusermodel

I 'm trying to read in an XLS and output the contents of each row exactly as they are read in by the file. I have to do this with the evenusermodel because of memory limitations however it is provin

Encryption/password protected excel/word files

Hi all I am trying to detect if a file is password protected before reading it (ie if it is password protected I want to ignore it). Right now I am just catching exceptions that get thrown b

Out Of Memory Problem with large file (60 k rows with 6 colum ns)

Stefan Could you elaborate on what you 're doing (and how you 're doing it) when you say "I use the hack to send a bytestream with tab separation between the fields store it with a *.xls extention so

Subject: hi all plaese help me out

hi all i can create a table using this code but i want to insert data into cells plzz i am not getting help me int col 5 int rows 5 TableProperties tprops new TableProperties

Doc changes, Was: Re: please help me out

At 05 20 12.04.2007 Rainer Klute wrote >If this question is asked every now and then it is worth to be answered >before the question is raised. This saved you and the user some effort - >not to ment

Subject: Localized data format

Hi I would like to know if it 's possible to format my dates and numbers according to my locale. The HSSFDataFormat class only has American formats and I need Belgian ones. Although the javadocs st

countif expression not updating in Excel 2003

I have a small spread sheet that looks like this in psedo-cvs format abc abc abc abc countif(A1 A4 "Pass ") ? The formulas in the last row are of course not valid CVS. If I create th

please help me out

hi Rainer Schwarze <http // 501276 >& turja and hi alll i want to create a empty word document how i need to create please send me any code plzz help m

What is the correct method to read a large excel file line by line?

Using HSSF what is the correct method to read large excel files line by line? In my real world situation the excel file will be very large over 100 megs. I need to be able to read the file line

Verifying Templates

Hi Does POI provide an out-of-the-box method of validating that an Excel sheet is based on a certain template? If not are there any approaches that are known to be robust enough? Every h

using HSSFRow.getLastCellNum()

Hello In my code I 'm using HSSFRow.getLastCellNum() part of org.apache.poi.HSSF.usermodel to fetch the last cell number contained within the row I am currently on. I do this so I can iterate thro

hi plsss help me out

when i tried this piece of code i am getting this error import import org.apache.poi.hwpf.usermodel.* import org.apache.poi.hwpf.HWPFDocument import org.apache.poi.hwpf.*

query from newbie:how to read openoffice documents

Hello everyone I am new to POI and I am able to successfully read MS format files.But now I want to convert openoffice documents to txt files(read and write).I tried on .odt but could not.Can anyone

How to detect hidden data "under " merged regions?

I just discovered a curious anomaly in a large spreadsheet I 'm parsing with POI. I discovered that there is at least one merged region (1 row 2 columns) that shows a particular value when I view it

How to get String result from a cell with a formula behind

Trying to retrieve the result of a cell where I have the following formula SUBTOTAL(9 P4 P27) I have tried the following methods HSSFCell.getNumericCellValue() HSSFCell.getRichStringCellValue()
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