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configuring log4j with BEA Weblogic 8 1
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java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission
Unsupported major minor version 48 0 problem while running the an
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Jboss 3 2 3+ vs Tomcat Axis Question
RE: How to include jars and add them into the MANIFEST MF/Class Path
Printing problem
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Excel: Too many different cell formats
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XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
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problems running fop: no standard output, no .png files rendering

hi I have these problems when running fop transforming files -when I transform files containing errors no messages of any kind are printed on the screen (the help message is printed when I ask for

issue with adding image to pdf file, system cannot find the file specified e

FOP doesn 't look in the user.home just like that when it encounters a relative URI/filename. If nothing special is done the relative URIs are resolved relative to the current directory. You can howe

issue with adding image to pdf file, system cannot find the file specified error

Hi I am trying to add image in a pdf file i am working on windows and have the jpg image and xsl style sheet in same folder and in my xsl file i have the following image tag <fo block > <fo external-

Empty pdf more than 100k?

Hello I have the same problem migrating from fop 0.20 to 0.94 - a file generated using fop 0.20 147K whilst the same file generated using fop 0.94 434K. Also I 'm using jdk1.5 Because these

create FONode objects directly and generate PDF file

Daling Xu wrote > But is it possible directly create FONode objects e.g. Flow Table > in my java code and then call a FOP api (maybe a Renderer or > something) to generate a PDF file from the root

FOP creates only blank pages

On Nov 30 2007 at 11 45 Michael Siepmann wrote Hi > we have a content management system which can create FO and with > the help of FOP PDF. The system uses an Apache Tomcat 5 and we have >

FOP Servlet Performance Problem

On Nov 28 2007 at 16 46 Noya Paolo wrote Hi Sorry for the late reply. As Jeremias already indicated profiling is one option. There are various tools and there is lots of documentation availa

Mac Font problem

Hi I have a problem with a font on a Mac.on my PC everything seems to work but on the Macs uses by our publishing department the Courier New font does not work. It is installed on the Mac (True T

Check "response " in fo:external-graphic

Hi everybody I want to add some images to my pdf. Those images where genereated by an servlet - so far so good. My problem is that the webapplication runs on 2 clusters ( My code looks like this

Loadind Fonts as Resource in 0.94 or Trunk

Hi The Font Loading has changed singnificant in the version 0.94. I have some problems with new Implementation. I used 0.93 and has my own URIResolver configured that has me allowed to load my Fon

basic-link internal-destination wrong page

Hi We 're currently using 0.92beta. We have done some customization to the fop version (in case you offer me to upgrade) The problem that I have currently is that For the purpose of the pdf output

refsynopsisdiv title not showing up in PDF, fop0.94

The title of a refsynopsisdiv section does not show up in a FOP generated PDF. It does show up in generated XHTML and other reference section titles show up i.e. refsect1 section titles. <refsyn

using FOP under JRE 1.6

Hi i try to start FOP (0.94) without xalan under JRE 1.6 If i right understud the docs i can omit xalan and co. if i use JDK > 1.4 Without xalan i get problems java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

filtering SVG

Hi I was wondering if the following is possible and what would be the best approach. We use a lot of SVG (exported from Visio). These SVG always need a manual fix to make line ends (arrow etc) vi

XSL-FO causing Fop 0.94 to go into an infinite Loop (Urgent)

Hi Ankur Narain Bhardwaj Gurgaon wrote > Hi > > Attached here is an XSL-FO that causes the FOP 0.94 to go into an infinite loop. This is causing serious problems in our application. I narrowed do

font problem ugrading from 0.93 to 0.94

Hi I am having trouble upgrading from 0.93 to 0.94. Is there any significant change regarding font handling in 0.94? I get a java.lang.RuntimeException Cannot load font. No font URIs available.

How to omitt a sequence

I have the following setup 1. sequence for index page 2. sequence for the toc 3. sequence for the content Now when the content doesn 't contain any element <XY > I don 't want the toc page to be crea

Attribute Extension

In the current version of FOP is there a mechanism to handle custom attributes? Thanks -- View this message in context http // Sent from

BreakingAlgorithm Problem

Hi! I use FOP 0.93 and write some data in a table with several columns. In one column data can be broader than the column-width without any chance to hyphenate. FOP then logs message "WARN [Break

Total page numbering example only for FOP 0.20.5

Hi I found a document that is not up to date http // A new example like the following should be added for FOP 0.94 (or replace the current FOP 0.

The number of this PDFNumber must not be empty

Hello i have a problem with apache fop 0.94. My os is windows xp my application server oracle 9ias oc4j1. jdk1.3.1_09 with jre 1.3.1_09. Class java is .................................

Unexplained space

Hi I have a block with another block of text within and within it I have another block of text. I do this to maintain spacing in certain circumstances (defined by the XSLT). Unfortunately one of

Capturing FOP logging message event in an embedded application using FOP 0.9

On Nov 13 2007 at 18 29 Michael Tracey Zellmann wrote Hi > I have developed an application that generates PDFs of > documentation in an eclipse environment controlled by a variety of > SWT w

Capturing FOP logging message event in an embedded application using FOP 0.94

I have developed an application that generates PDFs of documentation in an eclipse environment controlled by a variety of SWT widgets. My customer would like his users to know when FOP has encountere

How to keep pagenumber over several page-sequences

hello I 've split up my document into several page-sequences for better performance. <xsl for-each select "documentContent/chapter " > <fo page-sequence master-reference "ContentPageMaster " ini

how to set the logger?

Hi I need to use FOP 0.94 embedded in a big project composed by different Eclipse 's plug-ins where 2 of them define an "org.apache.commons.logging.Log " library which causes me the following error

Two successive columns in a table -- > problem with the page-break

Hi I am encountered with the following problem would be great if anyone has an idea how to solve it. The table to be desplayed in my pdf looks like this year | name || year | name

Fitting large gaphics to page

hello I 'm using this code to sale large graphis so they will fit to the page <fo external-graphic src "{@(protected)} " content-width "scale-to-fit " content- height "100% " width "100% " scaling "uniform " >

Column balancing issue

I am noticing some white space in the last two pages of a PDF document that I am trying to render using 0.94. Also the columns are not balanced properly (using dual column layout). The weird thing ab

Images and NullPointerExceptions

I apologize in advance if this question has already been covered before... I 've spent the last week trying everything I can think of to get FOP to work for me and I can 't get anything to work. I 've
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