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backslash and CRLF in regular expression [solution]

Hi all Finally I came up with following target (I am using ant-contrib 's <for > task)

AW: Why is not jalopy target executed?

- is the target executed e.g. has <echo message "files are in ${output.dir}/${gen.pkg} "/ > the right output? - what means -verbose or -debug? Jan > -----Urspr��ngliche Nachricht----- >

Why is not jalopy target executed?

Hi! why is not jalopy target executed? I get no error messages. any hints? //Mikael <?xml version "1.0 " encoding "UTF-8 "? > <!-- History

AW: Question about use of property files

Inside Ant it doesnt matter whether you have slash or backslash. Sometimes its important for outside use (e.g. when you create an INI-file). When I needed that I used the <propertyregex > from ant-

<foreach > task problem.

Hi I am using the <foreach > task to search for all html files in a directory and use the <java > task to run the Jtidy utilty to convert all html files to xhtml. I have downloaded the ant-co

Detecting an environment variable

Hi All! 1) How can I check to see if an environment variable has been set? I would like to do this set a property for jiniHome only if JINI_HOME has not been set.. 2) How can an install s

Re: backslash and CRLF in regular expression [was: Backspace in regul
ar expre

Try the following <target name "removejoin " > <delete quiet "yes " file "x.txt "/ > <concat destfile "x.txt " > abc\ def ghi </concat > <replaceregexp flags "g " file "x.txt " >

What properties to set to start external ant from an ant script?

Hi I start ant from my java application (tomcat) and it works fine but when I want to call an external ant script ant cannot find its main class. What properties do I have to set that ant can ca

Using Ant to build ear for deploying on WebSphere

HI All We are using ant to create an ear file to deploy on webspehere server. Till now we were able to use it peacefully without any problem. But offlate we have been facing problems after we

backslash and CRLF in regular expression

On Tue 22 Jun 2004 luis conelly <luis.conelly@(protected) > wrote > Hi all > > It turns out that I have these files that have several lines > like following > > blablabla blabla bla \ > blab

Pathconvert question - epilogue

Hi All Actually all I needed was <arg pathref " " / > For example <path id "helloWorldClient.classpath " > <filelist refid "jini.jarfiles " / > </path > <java classname "common.guitools.

backslash and CRLF in regular expression [was: Backspace in regul
   ar expressio

Hi all It turns out that I have these files that have several lines like following blablabla blabla bla \ blablabla blabla bla \ blablabla blabla bla and I want to make a single line l

Ant 1.6.1 on XP get message Project $_TARE has been destroyed, an
   d cannot be

Hello there. I am using Ant 1.6.1 on Windows XP service pack 1. Visual Source Safe Version 6.0d (Build 31222). When I run following ( in build.xml ) <target name "get-all " depend

Ant task to create WebLogic Platform domain

All If I 'm not mistaken the wlserver Ant task is used for creating a WebLogic Server domain only and not for creating a WebLogic Platform (Integration/Portal etc.) domain. Does Ant support cr

record and replace questions

i am seeing some oddities with ant using record and replace. i got this clever idea of using record to set some environment variables based on ant build properties - i 'd just "record " them to a fil

Question about use of property files

Hi All! I have been trying out property files like this <property file "${conf}/${}.properties "/ > <property file "${conf}/ "/ > With values like this policy $

AW: Backspace in regular expression

Try  instead of \b In general the expression #& <decnum > encodes any character where <decnum > is a number in decimal notation. Works fine with LINE FEED #&10 Oliver

proper use of filesets...

What 's the best way to use filesets (in tasks that support them)? Delete for example you can use filesets two ways <delete includeEmptyDirs "true " > <fileset dir "dir1 "/ > <fileset

Backspace in regular expression

Dear Colleagues I want to replace a string in a file with backspace but I do not know how to escape backspace literal "\b ". I tried <replaceregexp byline "true " file "myfile " > <regexp pat

Comparing ANT Build Process!

Hi folks Can anyone tell me a good site or article(s) where can I look at build tools & processes with various platforms. How does ANT compare to other free source and commercial software a

ANTmail and IO error sending mail

Hello there I 've a problem with sending mail from ANTscript ( My pc is in local net mailhost is called ' NetworkDomainController1 '. Everytime I try to run this build.xml it finished with IO e

Deleting only the contents of a directory

Thanks Peter Actually I finally guessed it and I did it late at home. I think also that if it was hard for me it might be hard for someone else to so I am submitting a patch to the docs of th

<depend > task

On Mon 21 Jun 2004 Neta Bar Tal <NETAB@(protected) > wrote > Hi Folks I 'm using the <depend > task before I run <javac > task. > does <depend > checks also the blabla$1.class (means inner classes)

How do I install?

Maybe it would be easier to download the binary distro [1]. But don?t forget for some tasks you need 3rd party libraries also [2]. Jan [1] http // [2] http //ant

Question about Basedir

Hi folks I have a question about the Ant basedir attribute (I 'm using Ant 1.6 Alpha I think). Here 's what I 'm trying to do. Let 's say I 'm working with a simple little build structure and I hav

Pathconvert question - yes SOLVED

OK I get it now.. thank you very much Diane and all else on the list.. <!-- Which dir did you install Jini to? -- > <property name "jiniHome " location "C \java\jini2_0_001 "/ > <path id "jini.ja

Problems with foreach, target calls, missing properties

Folks I have a build file in which I iterate over a list and call another target in the same build file for each element in the list. In the called-target I then set three properties. However

How to check if a file exist

Dear Colleagues I have the following problem. I am passing a simple properties file to a java program (with <arg file "... " >) which I invoke it via my build.xml. But before calling the program

Newbie deploy question

Hi I 'm trying to deploy a application using ANT but I don 't get it to work. I know that I 'm doing som general error here but since it 's my first build.xml script I just couldn 't figure it out.

Inserting elements into an XML file

I 'd like to insert an element into an XML file using ant. One use is to add a <WebAppComponent > element to a WebLogic config.xml file and another is to add a <module > element to a web.xml file.
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