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Oracle database error code ...
log4j warning: No appenders could be found
java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission clie
java lang InstantiationException: org apache tools ant Main
Apache Axis Tutorial
Subject: Struts <logic iterate >
log4j properties How to parse outpu to multiple files
configuring log4j with BEA Weblogic 8 1
How to use XSL FOP Java together
JSP precompile
Proposal: Adding jar manifest classpath in jar and war plugins
Servlet File Download dialog problem (IE6,Adobe 6 0)
java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission
Unsupported major minor version 48 0 problem while running the an
   telope task
Subject: axis wsdl2java Ant Task usage
net sf hibernate MappingException: Error reading resource: test/User hbm xml
Building EAR ANT Script for websphere 5 0
Classpath problem
jsp data into Excel
Jboss 3 2 3+ vs Tomcat Axis Question
RE: How to include jars and add them into the MANIFEST MF/Class Path
Printing problem
Subject: InstantiationException
Couldn 't find trusted certificate
Please : How can one install ant 1 6 0 under Eclipse 2 1 ?
Excel: Too many different cell formats
Subject: AXIS: tomcat timeout ?
1 3 final: now giving me java io FileNotFoundException (Too many
open files)
XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
Subject: Running junit tests fails
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Subject: Using cocoon with derby

Hi I want to use a new derby database with my cocoon application. Previously i worked with the included database and it worked pretty good. Now i have made the required changes in the cocoon.xconf

Cocoon 2.1.8 and JSP

In the samples it states that I have to configure something to make JSP examples to work. Can someone tell me what and where I should configure? TIA Ed

Subject: Newbie Logicsheet question...

I am trying to use the soap.xsl logicsheet and found that I need to do some modifications to work with my webservices project. However I am having several problems -I have a problem getting the cha

Configuring Xalan

Hi Has anyone tried to set the recursionlimit of the xalan processor to a higher value? (Yes I know it shouldn 't have to be necessary... -P) Regards Geert

Page iteration & redirect in Cocoon

Hi What I see that act() method has redirector parameter don 't know what it is for or how to use it public Map act(Redirector redirector SourceResolver resolver Map objectModel String source


In the sample /samples/modules/xml.html about the XMLFileModule we find <map parameter name "/forrestconf/@(protected) " value "{ myxml /forrestconf/@(protected)} "/ > which as stated in the comment is suppose

Error in org.apache.cocoon.xml.dom.DOMStreamer.NamespaceNormalizingDOMStreamer o

Hello Coocon User Mailing List During cocoon app development the following error arose using DOM-Documents and the SAX-Streaming of cocoon. Since I am not sure if its a bug in cocoons DOM- >SAX Strea

{realpath:xxx} and mount-table

I have some sitemaps monted with the root mont-table.xml I have the following line in the mount-table <mount uri-prefix "ccajax/ " src "../../../CocoonSites/ccajax/ "/ > The ccajax directory has a data

Continuations and site indexing

Hi In reading about Cocoon and its use of control flow I wondered about the implications of continuations for indexing of Cocoon-based sites by search engines or by advertising services such as Go

Subject: XSP and ServiceManager

Hello Users! I want to access my own avalon components in my xsp document. Is there any way to access the ServiceManager to look up my components? Just instantiating it? Or must I use this 'DefaultSe

Error when installing Cocoon 2.1.8 under Tomcat 5.5.9

I built Cocoon 2.1.8 and then put the cocoon.war file in Tomcat 5.5.9 's webapp directory and then when I started Tomcat and went to the Cocoon page I got the error messages below. I 'm running Mandr

"xspAttr cannot be resolved " in Cocoon 2.1.8

I ' am trying to pass to version 2.1.8 but I receive this error. "xspAttr cannot be resolved " I ' m just viewed this new setting <parameter name "attr-interpolation " value "true "/ > <par

Brick CMS

Bonjour ? tous Je viens de tester Brick CMS sur cocoon 2.1.8/tomcat 5.5/jdk 1.5 (jrockit & sun)/Linux ?a a l 'air de fonctionner pas trop mal qques erreurs cependant le "cancel " de l ' "edit " d 'un

i18n escape { and } characters

Hi all does anyone know how to declare a message in a i18n dictionary containing characters { and/or } ? There must be a way to escape this characters. ex <message key "test " >Hello { and } </messag

Simple question : Cocoon and Java 5

Hello I 'm using Cocoon 2.0.x with Java 1.4 and want to use the latest Coccoon 's version (2.1.8). Doest this version require Java 1.5 ? Regards. "As Java implies platform independence and XML impl

Sending html messages with pdf attachments using sendMail action

That 's why i 'm trying to do for a while now and i came to the following problems - if i use the action and set the src attribute to a cocoon pipeline producing html the Content-disposition attac

Link: Project:

At page Cocoon-related Projects http // I propose to add list entry in section "Cocoon-related Projects " iXedit XML editor http //

Subject: ServiceManager outside Cocoon

I 'm developing some junit tests for some java code which is used inside Cocoon. Some of the objects I need access to are loaded by the ServiceManager I assume these are declared in cocoon.xconf ri

Create hsqldb tables

Hi I want to use the hsql database with cocoon (2.1.8) however although from the samples I can see how to use a database I can 't work out how to create new tables. Help Please Peter Sparkes -

2.1.8 samples/blocks/portal/tools/functions/userManagement - BUG

Hi I get errors when trying to use the userManagement functions in the above sample. Add user gives org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError Cannot convert null to an object. /TypeError/ - file /C /co

Subject: Page iteration in Cocoon

Hi I am trying to implement the following enhancement in Cocoon 2.0.4 project (with sitemap actions). Imagine you have 2 databases (one is Master one is Current). Users can upload information from

Using xsl:analyze-string & regex-group?

Hopefully this is an easy question. I would like to use the XSLT 2.0 analyze-string tags inside of an XSLT but I cannot seem to get Cocoon to recognize them. I have my stylesheet version set to versi

AW: [CForms] Dynamically opening popup with action.

Thank you for your quick reply. I will try that as soon as my head cooled down again. Think you saved my weekend (as far as I had a look at your solution) ) Chris -----Urspr?ngliche Nachricht-----

Dynamically opening popup with action.

Hi . I am currently trying to solve a thing I couldn 't find any satisfying solution for. I have a repeater in which every row has a checkbox. At the bottom of the list I have a drop-down-list in w

Cron Triggers

Hi I 'd like to know if the triggers are lauched sequentially or not ? And that because each trigger accesses a dabatase and then put the result document in the session. After that I will use the do

Configuring input modules in a sitemap

Is it possible to define an XMLInputModule in a sitemap (2.1.X)? And have the XML file it refers to be relative to that sitemap? Regards Upayavira

Apache Cocoon 2.1.8 Released

Apache Cocoon 2.1.8 Released

components not as factory or pooled

Hi i have some components in my cocoon.xconf like this one <component class "MyComponent " role "MyComponent.Role " logger "MyComponentLogger " > </component > Now i want cocoon to have ju

ETA on 2.1.8?

Hi all I was wondering if there is an update on when 2.1.8 is scheduled to be released? We are thinking about using the new validation block. Thanks Ollie

Subject: Security and Authentication

I am using Tomcat authentication with Cocoon. They ask you to name your login fields j_username and j_password. Then you POST to j_security_check. Everything is working and I get a JSESSIONID and a
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