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Oracle database error code ...
log4j warning: No appenders could be found
java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission clie
java lang InstantiationException: org apache tools ant Main
Apache Axis Tutorial
Subject: Struts <logic iterate >
log4j properties How to parse outpu to multiple files
configuring log4j with BEA Weblogic 8 1
How to use XSL FOP Java together
JSP precompile
Proposal: Adding jar manifest classpath in jar and war plugins
Servlet File Download dialog problem (IE6,Adobe 6 0)
java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission
Unsupported major minor version 48 0 problem while running the an
   telope task
Subject: axis wsdl2java Ant Task usage
net sf hibernate MappingException: Error reading resource: test/User hbm xml
Building EAR ANT Script for websphere 5 0
Classpath problem
jsp data into Excel
Jboss 3 2 3+ vs Tomcat Axis Question
RE: How to include jars and add them into the MANIFEST MF/Class Path
Printing problem
Subject: InstantiationException
Couldn 't find trusted certificate
Please : How can one install ant 1 6 0 under Eclipse 2 1 ?
Excel: Too many different cell formats
Subject: AXIS: tomcat timeout ?
1 3 final: now giving me java io FileNotFoundException (Too many
open files)
XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
Subject: Running junit tests fails
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How to use the extras

I just can 't use them correctly. I tried to add the jar into my weblogic (9.1) classpath and then changing the call from org.apache.logging.RollingFileAppender to org.apache.logging.rolling.RollingF

Datasource settings in config file for jdbcappender.

Hi all A newbie question - Is there a way to avoid hard coding of the database connection values in the JDBCAppender in log4j.xml? In other words can a datasource be referenced in log4j.xml? Any

Sequence numbers for LoggingEvents

Folks I have an application that is likely to produce LoggingEvents on identical millisecond epochs. Thus I also need a sequence number to unambiguously determine event order. Is there any faci

smtp send file oon file appender roll

HI is it possible for log4j to email the file before running over it on rolling over ? i haven 't been able to find a way to do it thnaks

JSF/Struts logs ok Servlet/JSP does not?

I have a JSF app a struts app and a Servlet/JSP app running in the same Tomcat 5.5 server. The JSF and Servlet app initialize and run log4j with no problems. The Servlet/JSP app does not initialize l

- Newbie help: Capturing Stdout and Stderr into l

Log4j is not designed for hooking any system event. It 's mainly a very flexible output channel. Capturing the stdout Assign your own OutputStream to System.out and you get all messages to stdout. The

Newbie help: Capturing Stdout and Stderr into log4j

Hi I am relatively new to log4j. Can anybody help me guiding towards the best practice to achieve following? 1.) How would i capture the Std out messages into log4j? (or is it anything different t

is the org.apache.log4j.jdbc.JDBCAppender removed yet?

i configure my like the following log4j.appender.db org.apache.log4j.jdbc.JDBCAppender log4j.appender.db.URL jdbc mysql // 3306/p2pdb log4j.appender.db.user uesr log4j

Log4j - Invoking log4j from C++ via JNI?

A couple of things about log4j and JNI... First I didn 't realize that one of the log4j appenders NTEventLogAppender uses JNI! However it does Java calling C++ and I was interested in the other

NewBie Help: How to select a ConversionPattern for a Logger I want

Hi everybody Here is my file log4j.rootLogger DEBUG ROOT INFO log4j.appender.ROOT org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender log4j.appender.ROOT.File

log4j.ignoreTCL=true in XML Configuration File

I am running into an issue with log4j.jar for WebLogic and the application 's need for log4j-1.2.8.jar. In WebLogic 9.2 the version of log4j is the same as the one that is used within the applicatio

SyslogAppender on non-default port

Hi all I 'm trying to setup SyslogAppender to send messages to a remote server on a non default port. The remoter server is syslog-ng. Here 's my configuration log4j.rootCategory DEBUG CONSOLE FIL

logging to database - newbie question.

Hi all I am new to database logging and exploring ways to do it in my J2EE application that uses Java v5 Weblogic application server 9x. Thus I would like to know whether I can use org.apache.log4

Overriding log4j properties in Hibernate

Hi I have a java project that uses the hibernate and log4j framework. For the project I created a file which contains log4j.rootLogger INFO stdout log4j.appender.stdout org.apa

File appender that does not lock the file

Hi Has log4j file append that does not lock file? So I can delete my to that log4j is writing logs and log4j will create file again.

Newbie Help

Hi I was hoping to get some help with getting the logs for our program logging to its own logfile. We use the log4c version and I know this is for log4j I have a more fundamental question though.

Multicast Heartbeat Receiver Thread error

I get this error when I stop tomcat. Exception in thread "Multicast Heartbeat Receiver Thread " java.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache.log4j.LogManager.getLogger( 188) at

Changing logging levels in web app

How do I change logging levels without restarting web server. I am running Apache Tomcat. Thanks Warren Bell Systems Administrator Clark 's Nutritional Centers 4225 Market St. Riverside CA 92501 95

Help log4j SysLogAppender

Hi I am not able to write the log messages in the syslog server (particularly I need to write in the messages log file) and Pls find the code below and I dont know wht missed out package com.tes

Reasonable approach to configure log4j in a web app environment

Hi I am quite new to log4j and made some simple steps to understand log4j. I 've noticed that log4j does *not* reconfigure on config file change unless I tell him programmatically with PropertyCon

Setting Header for DailyRollingFileAppender

Hi How can I set the header for DailyRollingFileAppender programmatically? I see only getters for the header and footer no setters in both the Layout and the PatternLayout classes. Thanks Satis

How to pick a specific log4j as well its properties file?

Hi all

please help. everything logged twice

Hi I have been scratching my head trying to figure out why my application is logging everything twice. Below is the file [code] TRACE myconsole l

how to set hibernate log level to ERROR

Hi guys I am using appfuse 1.9.4 and running in Tomcat 6.0.14. below is the /WEB-INF/classes/ # This is the configuring for logging displayed in the Application Server

where can i see the log.Debug( "somemessage ") ???? message

hi friends I am new to log4j . i have written [CODE] - (file in /src/ - my .java class is as below import org.apache.commons.logging.* public class

Forcing XML configuration file to reset Log4J configuration

Folks Been bit by the incremental nature of XML configuration application. Is there any way to not apply a changed XML configuration incrementally but instead force full reset to reflect the sta

Trouble Referencing An XML Config File

Thanks for the quick response Matthew! "Matthew Kemp " <mattkemp@(protected) > wrote on 11/08/2007 04 35 21 PM > PropertyConfigurator only reads property files. To read an xml config > you need to use

file location - windows vista

With an XML config you can access system properties like ${user.home$ }/logfilename.log On Nov 12 2007 2 42 PM epic winter <epicwinter@(protected) > wrote > > I have an application using log4j and

Log4j for Multiple classes

Dear all I want to write a logger for my project . log file for single class is Ok . log for multiple classes seems problem to me . I do not want to allocate one logger for one class 10 logger

Copying MDC values for multithreaded apps

I 'm working on an app where we have a decorator Log4JRunnable class that used to wrap runnables submitted to a thread pool. It retrieves a copy of the MDC from the submitting thread (code included bel
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