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configuring log4j with BEA Weblogic 8 1
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JSP precompile
Proposal: Adding jar manifest classpath in jar and war plugins
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java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission
Unsupported major minor version 48 0 problem while running the an
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Jboss 3 2 3+ vs Tomcat Axis Question
RE: How to include jars and add them into the MANIFEST MF/Class Path
Printing problem
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Couldn 't find trusted certificate
Please : How can one install ant 1 6 0 under Eclipse 2 1 ?
Excel: Too many different cell formats
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XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
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archetype error with variables

I have the following resource declaration in my archetype pom.xml <resources > <resource > <directory >${basedir}/src/main/resources </directory > <fil

Forcing the download of a dependency

I have written a Mojo which binds to "generate-sources " phase and needs to process a jar artifact dependency of the project. The problem is that when I invoke the Mojo the dependency (the artifact)

site 2.0-beta-5 plugin error?

I have the following <distributionManagement > <site > <id >meez-site </id > <name >MEEZ_Web </name > <url >${siteUrl} </url > <!-- <url >scp //www.meez

defining source and target VM for all Maven projects

Hi since my projects usually use 1.5 syntax I want do define this as the default for all my projects. As I understand it is possible to define this in the POM of each project (which I definitely d

cargo plugin problems

hi all i am trying to run selenium tests using maven2/ cargo / jetty / selenium plugin i am following instructions here ( http // however when cargo start

Maven install

Hi let 's start from what you want to achieve 1. Filter only First off how many files need filtering? If you need only (in whole application) the A.propertiesshould be

problems mirroring

fixed in repo1 On Nov 30 2007 9 48 PM Simon BRANDHOF <simon.brandhof@(protected) > wrote > We fixed permissions too late. Files access is now forbidden (like > http //

Where should I place UML-models in a Maven2 structure..

Hello src/main/uml is fin I guess. Please be aware of the fact that the netbeans UML integration creates an "UML project " there. Then for example when you commit your changes to the maven project to

release problem with multi modules project

Hello ! I 'm having problems with the release plugin on a multi module project. The release prepare goal works fine but when I do the release perform I get an error telling me that it cant resolve a

Maven2 and unit tests with hibernate and jpa connection problems

I 'm having some trouble with my Maven2 build (using hibernate jpa and spring) recently where all of a sudden I 'm starting to get this error sporadically ... Caused by

Tool for reverse dependency resolution for Maven?

Hi I am curious is there a tool that does reverse dependency resolution for maven? E.g. I want to know which of my projects are dependent on my project A. Thanks Seva

Deploy to production from a production Maven repository

Hi I 've recently seen the light of using Maven to build projects. I understand that once complete artifacts are deployed to a "production " Maven repository so they can be consumed as ready. Whats no

Getting Hibernate3 's hbm2ddl to generate SQL but not wipe my db?

Hey everyone I 'm trying to get the plugin to generate my SQL code but I can 't seem to do it without it trying to connect to my db. Is there an option that tells it to generate the .sql but not run

Question about the <scm >-tag

Hi everybody I 'm back! -) Haven 't posted much the last coupe of months 'cause I fell ill and after that had to make up a lot of work... But now I 'm back and hope to post some more around here. To

Build.setSourceDirectory() & MavenProject.getCompileSourceRoots()

Hi I 'm writing a custom plug-in and want to change the standard location of a source directory + add additional source directories. I 've used Build.setSourceDirectory() at the initialize phase but

Custom target directory and assembly

Hi I 'm writing a custom plug-in and wanted to change the standard output directory 'target '. I do it in the initialize phase via Build.setDirectory(). Now I would like to use the standard assembly

maven-antrun-plugin executed on site:site

Hi We have a multi module project with bunch of antrun executions running in some components. Our build runs mvn clean mvn install mvn site site and mvn site deploy. While site site is running m

Problem installing Archiva as a service

Hi First I installed Archive bundled in a product called Maestro. I uninstall Maestro to move to Archiva 1.0 beta 2. But when I tried to run Archiva 1.0 beta 2 as a Windows service (Archiva is

jspc precompiler error

hi i have a difficult problem with precompiling jsp with jspc-maven-plugin (v1.4.6) i get this error [INFO] [jspc compile {execution jspc}] java.lang.NumberFormatException For input string "${

Maven 's current working directory and changing resources location ...

I have two questions answers to which were not obvious. 1- What is the current working directory (i.e. System.getProperty( "user.dir "))? Can this be printed when one does "mvn -X ... "? 2- In our

War packaging and how to change dependencies directory

Hi I 'm packaging a war and all dependencies go into WEB-INF/lib but i would like to exclude 2 of them and but them into a services dir. The target layout I 'm after is WAR root | |---WEB-INF |

Communicating with Continuum

Hi all We are using continuum1.1-beta-1 for continuous build. Now the requirement in our project is such that we need to generate a report in which we can specify the number of builds that have been

Question regarding project dependencies

Hi I am a newbie Maven user just seeking advice on how to include a dependency in our project. Our webapp has a dependency on jboss jbpm 3.2.1 and this of course is not in the repository at re

OutOfMemoryError with MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx1792m

What is causing the large usage of memory? On 8/22/07 Mick Knutson <mickknutson@(protected) > wrote > I am putting almost 2GB to a build and still getting permGen errors. > Is there something else I c

maven-clean-plugin is not working as expected

Hi I have following plugin entry in my pom.xml but my build directory is not being removed after **mvn clean**. It only deletes which is "*build/classes/common* ". The

Dependency info for site

Hi All I am using ANT for build and Maven for site generation. So the dependency path and compilation stuff is taken care by ANT. After the site generation under the menu of dependency I wan

Include source, javadocs, etc in installed artifact

When I run the mvn install install install or install install-file command only the JAR itself is put into my local repository. How can I get the source Javadocs and other things to also be put

How to create eclipse project from parent-child POMs

At a particular source control location how can I run the eclipse eclipse command to turn the file structure into a Java project with a its .classpath file automatically configured? The location to

Removing: [goal] from forked lifecycle, to prevent recursive invocation.

Hello I have faced with maven warning and I cant find explanation nor fix for it maybe you can help me. My project is single module application with war packaging. A while ago we migrated from ant

Upload distribution archive to a remote file system

Hi Does anyone know how to upload an artifact created by the assembly pluing to a remote file system? The install and deploy plugins have to be used in conjunction with a maven repository whereas
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