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Oracle database error code ...
log4j warning: No appenders could be found
java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission clie
java lang InstantiationException: org apache tools ant Main
Apache Axis Tutorial
Subject: Struts <logic iterate >
log4j properties How to parse outpu to multiple files
configuring log4j with BEA Weblogic 8 1
How to use XSL FOP Java together
JSP precompile
Proposal: Adding jar manifest classpath in jar and war plugins
Servlet File Download dialog problem (IE6,Adobe 6 0)
java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission
Unsupported major minor version 48 0 problem while running the an
   telope task
Subject: axis wsdl2java Ant Task usage
net sf hibernate MappingException: Error reading resource: test/User hbm xml
Building EAR ANT Script for websphere 5 0
Classpath problem
jsp data into Excel
Jboss 3 2 3+ vs Tomcat Axis Question
RE: How to include jars and add them into the MANIFEST MF/Class Path
Printing problem
Subject: InstantiationException
Couldn 't find trusted certificate
Please : How can one install ant 1 6 0 under Eclipse 2 1 ?
Excel: Too many different cell formats
Subject: AXIS: tomcat timeout ?
1 3 final: now giving me java io FileNotFoundException (Too many
open files)
XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
Subject: Running junit tests fails
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Subject: Passing parameter to mojo

Hello I am trying to pass parameter to Mojo. I have done everything mentioned in http // When I compile the project it throws

strange hibernatedoclet and war not adding hbm files

Are you using Maven2? If yes it is better if you run XDoclet using maven-antrun-plugin. This link (http // gives the reason. Also below is the

changes and modules

Hi I 'm a Maven 1.x user and am looking for an aggregated changes report that shows changes for all modules (in reverse chronological order) The multichanges plugin report doesn 't do this as I ha

maven 2 site plugin and attributes parameter

I 'm attempting to inject attributes into the site plugin like so in my pom <configuration > <attributes > <foo >bar </foo >

Subject: Maven 2 compile and IBM javac

I am getting the following error with maven 2 configured to use ibm 1.4. When I switch back to the sun jdk I get no error. Any ideas how I can get this to give me more info? Here is the relevant se

Help with assembler issue on release

Hi all I 'm running into a very strange issue that I can 't seem to find a solution for. I 'm using the assembly plugin to create a zip with my jar file all transitive dependencies and a few jsp fi

Trouble deploying a file via FTP

I am trying to use deploy deploy-file to deploy a 3rd party jar to our company repository. I have included the wagon extension in a POM like so (though I don 't understand why FTP doesn 't "just work ")

How can I excluding a generated source from a compile step

I am using the axistools-maven-plug-in to generate my server side classes for a web service. I use the following plugin definition <plugin > <groupId >org.codehaus.mojo </groupId > <artifact

Maven scm

I just noticed that scm (for cvs) is adding the -t flag for tracing. Is this new to the 1.0.4-beta-4 scm plugin? Carlos

strange hibernatedoclet and war not adding hbm files

I have hibernatedoclet generating several hbm files from my DAO.jar and adding them to my common-jar module. Seems to be an issue with Xdoclet1 & Maven. No matter my app.war seems to suck in the 1st

tools.jar path

Why is this http // suggested? Why it is not <systemPath >${java.home}/lib/tools.jar </systemPath > If developing with Eclipse then under "Help > About

easiest way to do testing, that WORKS?

Dear Maven users I 've just spent a frustrating afternoon trying to get TestNG to call the test method of my test class but without success! Would some kind person please paste into a reply some

Bug in Plexus code -- Maven 2.0.5 not using latest version?

In researching why was coming up empty for my plugin I found that the problem was in Plexus code (plexus-container-default-1.0-alpha-9.jar to be exact). Looking up that project i

Finding where the jar came from...

Can anyone tell me the quick-n-dirty way to figure out which dependency is responsible for a jar that is being transitively downloaded/included in the project? For instance I see the servlet-api j

Subject: Problem re-signing a jar file

Im building an applet using maven2 and in order to have an easier time deploying it I want to integrate all of it 's dependencies along with the applet code into a single jar using the dependency plug

Maven2 - POM inheritance issue with Developers & Contributors sections?

Hey everyone. I have a quick question. Isn 't the developers and contributors info supposed to be merged not overridden from parent to child POMs? My project has a chief architect/developer over all

Surefire 2.3

Hi Is there any idea yet of when we can expect surefire 2.3 to be released? Looking at JIRA there are still a lot of tasks pending but also quite a few fixes complete. Is it possible that some of

How to use groups in javadoc plugin?

I am trying to use the javadoc plugin group tag to separate the aggregated project 's javadocs into two sections (groups). Using the following as an example <groups > <group > <title >Core Pac

HowTo access project version programmatically in application

Hi HowTo access project version programmatically in application? At the moment we enter the version string manually in one of our classes. Is there a way to access the project version at runtime?

Get the scm settings from plugin

I would like to be able to access the scm settings (connection tag etc) in the pom.xml from within a plugin. Is this possible? It seems like there should be an easy way to get access to all of t

Cargo maven 2 plugin : timeout when deploying to JBoss 4x

Hi We are in the process of creating an integration test suite for a J2EE project using the Cargo Maven 2 plugin with a JBoss 4.0 container. When we execute mvn integration-test the jboss zip i

Maven1 's repo is more up-to-date than Maven2 's repo? (missing jars in Maven2

On 22 Feb 07 at 8 39 AM 22 Feb 07 Eus wrote > > Hi Ho! > > Why the public repository for Maven2 (http // > maven2/) does > not contain all jars exists in the public repository fo

How to assemble collection of javadocs?

According to the maven-assembly-plugin website it does not handle collecting and packaging javadoc jars like it does for binaries & sources. Additionally the web site says that the maven-javadoc-plug

adding a resource file in POM.

Hi I am using a ant task to run inside my pom to run Jaxb1.0.4 compile task. I want to add jaxb properties to the output jar with 'complete ' path reference. Currently I am adding it as a resource

Maven1 's repo is more up-to-date than Maven2 's repo? (missing jars in Maven2 's r

Hi Ho! Why the public repository for Maven2 (http // does not contain all jars exists in the public repository for Maven1 (http // For example in the

Problem building with Continuum

Below are emails I have sent to the Continuum mailing list but since it seems that there is a problem with my maven repositories at least one of them anyways I thought I would forward these emails

Suppressing [INFO] lines on scm diff

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash SHA1 Dear maven users here is a quick question which I was unable to find so far. To stay independent of the SCM I would like users to use mvn scm diff (

Subject: Problem with resources plugin

Hi I 've a fresh new maven 2.5 install with the following settings ------------- <settings xmlns "http // " xmlns xsi "http // " xsi s

unable to resolve artifact that is in local repo?

Hi all for some reason my offline build fails. Maven reports ut can 't resolve an artifact allthough it is in my local repo. Anyone knows what I might be doing wrong? I 'm using maven 2.0.5. Aditiona

Sequence of goal execution within a phase

Hello Is there a way to enforce a sequence of goal executions within a phase? I have different custom plugins that expect other plugins to have produced some output. Any ideas? Cheers Jo
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