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java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission clie
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Apache Axis Tutorial
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java security AccessControlException: access denied (java io FilePermission
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Jboss 3 2 3+ vs Tomcat Axis Question
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1 3 final: now giving me java io FileNotFoundException (Too many
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XDoclet, Struts and Maven: Where to start? SOLUTION
Subject: Running junit tests fails

archetype error with variables

I have the following resource declaration in my archetype pom.xml <resources > <resource > <directory >${basedir}/src/main/resources </directory > <fil

Forcing the download of a dependency

I have written a Mojo which binds to "generate-sources " phase and needs to process a jar artifact dependency of the project. The problem is that when I invoke the Mojo the dependency (the artifact)

site 2.0-beta-5 plugin error?

I have the following <distributionManagement > <site > <id >meez-site </id > <name >MEEZ_Web </name > <url >${siteUrl} </url > <!-- <url >scp //www.meez

defining source and target VM for all Maven projects

Hi since my projects usually use 1.5 syntax I want do define this as the default for all my projects. As I understand it is possible to define this in the POM of each project (which I definitely d

cargo plugin problems

hi all i am trying to run selenium tests using maven2/ cargo / jetty / selenium plugin i am following instructions here ( http // however when cargo start
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Ordering of RPC Elements

When calling a RPC (encoded) service does the ordering of the parameters matter? For example are the following two calls the same for an RPC - Encoded service? soap

Curstom AxisFault

Hi all is it possible to create an AxisFault and specify the "destination "? I don 't know whether my question makes sense but it looks to me that it may be useful in some scenarios for example

Number Format Exception on invoking webservice client on JSP

Hi I 'm encountering a java.lang.NumberFormatException For input string " " when i call the generated client on my jsp. the client works perfectly fine on the command prompt calling it

Strange generated java class names

On Nov 23 2007 11 41 AM Simon Steinacker < simon.steinacker@(protected) > wrote > Yes I am using Axis2. > This is the WSDL http // > Please have a look at with a SNA

AxisFault, CustomException and code first approach

Hello! Thanks Martin I tried a couple of configs but unfortunately it doesn 't seem to work. <parameter name "sendStacktraceDetailsWithFaults " >true </parameter > -- > getDetail() returns huge st
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FieldCache Implementations

Does any out there using Lucene implement their own version of We are proposing to make it an abstract class which violates our general rule about back-compatibility (see https

can we do partial optimization?

Hello I am very new to Lucene.I am facing one problem. I have one very large index which is constantly getting update(add and delete) at a regular interval.after which I am optimizing the whole ind

FSDirectory Again

This is from Lucene 's CHANGES.txt LUCENE-773 Deprecate the FSDirectory.getDirectory(*) methods that take a boolean "create " argument. Instead you should use IndexWriter 's "create " argum

Applying SpellChecker to a phrase

Suppose I have an index containing the terms impostor imposter fraud and fruad then presumably regardless of whether I spell impostor and fraud correctly Lucene SpellChecker will offer the improp

SpellChecker performance and usage

My question is for anyone who has experience with Lucene 's SpellChecker especially around its performance characteristics/ramifications. 1. Given the fact that SpellChecker expands a query by adding
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flowscript error using sendPageandWait in loop.

Hello I am trying to use flowscript and jxtemplates from withing Apache Lenya. I have an error that I 'm hoping someone can explain. I want to prompt a user with a list of options to select from.

HSSSFSerializer: Auto row height by WrapText in MergedRegions not supported?

Hi guys! I would appreciate any help in solving the following issue I use Cocoon-2.1.10 and POI-3.0.1. when I define a <gmr Style WrapText "1 " > for a single cell only the text is being wrappe

Register a new trax transformer in Cocoon 2.2

Hi all Is it advisable to use Cocoon 2.2? I like the new architecture but I 'm having a lot of problems with missing doc. For example with Cocoon 2.1.x I could register a new trax transformer in

How to use the HTMLGenerator in Cocoon 2.2


Deploying a Cocoon 2.2 application: missing dependency

Hi I 'm trying to use Cocoon 2.2 I 've followed this tutorial http // When I try to package my block as a webapp with mvn package jetty run then I get the fo
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problems running fop: no standard output, no .png files rendering

hi I have these problems when running fop transforming files -when I transform files containing errors no messages of any kind are printed on the screen (the help message is printed when I ask for

issue with adding image to pdf file, system cannot find the file specified e

FOP doesn 't look in the user.home just like that when it encounters a relative URI/filename. If nothing special is done the relative URIs are resolved relative to the current directory. You can howe

issue with adding image to pdf file, system cannot find the file specified error

Hi I am trying to add image in a pdf file i am working on windows and have the jpg image and xsl style sheet in same folder and in my xsl file i have the following image tag <fo block > <fo external-

Empty pdf more than 100k?

Hello I have the same problem migrating from fop 0.20 to 0.94 - a file generated using fop 0.20 147K whilst the same file generated using fop 0.94 434K. Also I 'm using jdk1.5 Because these

create FONode objects directly and generate PDF file

Daling Xu wrote > But is it possible directly create FONode objects e.g. Flow Table > in my java code and then call a FOP api (maybe a Renderer or > something) to generate a PDF file from the root
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How to use the extras

I just can 't use them correctly. I tried to add the jar into my weblogic (9.1) classpath and then changing the call from org.apache.logging.RollingFileAppender to org.apache.logging.rolling.RollingF

Datasource settings in config file for jdbcappender.

Hi all A newbie question - Is there a way to avoid hard coding of the database connection values in the JDBCAppender in log4j.xml? In other words can a datasource be referenced in log4j.xml? Any

Sequence numbers for LoggingEvents

Folks I have an application that is likely to produce LoggingEvents on identical millisecond epochs. Thus I also need a sequence number to unambiguously determine event order. Is there any faci

smtp send file oon file appender roll

HI is it possible for log4j to email the file before running over it on rolling over ? i haven 't been able to find a way to do it thnaks

JSF/Struts logs ok Servlet/JSP does not?

I have a JSF app a struts app and a Servlet/JSP app running in the same Tomcat 5.5 server. The JSF and Servlet app initialize and run log4j with no problems. The Servlet/JSP app does not initialize l
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Fix existing POM of poi 3.0-FINAL

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash SHA1 FYI Pom of 3.0-final has been fixed in central maven repository. - -------- Original-Nachricht -------- Betreff Re Fix existing POM of poi 3.0-FINAL

Subject: Unable to read an excel file

Hi I have a problem to read a special file with Jakarta POI. I can open this file in MS Excel. And Excel tells me that this file is saved in the format of Excel 2003. But if I try to read this f

unnable to copy text with format

i am doing search and replace kind of work by using POI > HWPF. I am getting text properly but I am not getting format [bold italic and underline]. How can I get format for the text? Please help m

unnable to copy test with format

i am doing search and replace kind of work by using POI > HWPF. I am getting text properly but I am not getting format [bold italic and underline]. How can I get format for the text? Please help m

Subject: Excel, Struts and Downloading

Hi I used to run Struts 1.2.9 POI 2.5 and could generate Excel files from a servlet and download them without issue. I recently upgraded to Struts 1.3.5 and POI 3 and it looks like I broke that
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