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How to configure SqlMapClient for multiple Oracle RAC services?



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I've been using Spring 2.5 and iBatis 2.3 to connect to Oracle 10g.

I'm testing our move to Oracle 11g RAC. In the RAC setup, some of my apps
use one service and others use a different service. So I need to use 2
different connection strings to connect to the DB.

For example, currently the connection string I use is something like
jdbc: oracle:thin:@(protected)

With RAC, I have to use 2 different connection strings like
jdbc: oracle:thin:@(protected)
jdbc: oracle:thin:@(protected)

I'm not sure how to set 2 different values for the configLocation property
of the sqlMapClient bean in the applicationContext.xml file.

Is this the right approach or is there a diiferent way to do this?

I posted this question on the Spring Data Access forum and I haven't had a
response in 2 days. If you have seen it on that forum I apologize.

Thanks in Advance.
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