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Select with dynamic where

Leucht, Axel


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I'm currently having one problem with iBATIS-3.

My test bed runs fine with iBATIS-2 and I have a problem with one select
statement which inserts a dynamic where clause.
The parameters, which are plain strings, are not inserted into the sql

 <select id="getSomeStudents" resultType="entities.Student"
   select name,descr as description from student where name
   <foreach item="item" index="index" collection="list"
     open="(" separator="," close=")">

In Java-Code
    List<String> props = new ArrayList<String>();
    List<Student> listStudenten =
sqlSession.selectList("Student.getEinigeStudenten", props);

The log shows that the sql don't contain the parameters given.

DEBUG [main] - ==> Executing: select name,descr as description from
student where name in ( ? , ? , ? )
DEBUG [main] - ==> Parameters: null, null, null

What is wrong with my approach?


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