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Advanced Result Mapping documentation error or misunderstanding of



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Hi, at this moment I am reading documentation "Advanced Result Mapping" section and one think I can't understand in the example with blogs (further reading didn't clarified it either).

SQL Query is described like:

<select id="selectBlogDetails" parameterType="int" resultMap="
select as blog_id,
B.title as blog_title,

Result set mapping for that query described like:
<resultMap id="detailedBlogResultMap" type="Blog">
<idArg column="id" javaType="int"/>
<result property="title" column="blog_title"/>

As I understand, the alias for block ID is blog_id but constructor's idArg references to column as id. For all other parts of query aliases are correct (from my POV), so is it a problem with documentation (in this case it is repeated in further examples too), or I didn't understand something.
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