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ibatis-3-mapper.dtd question

Tom Kunicki


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Is there any reason for the strict ordering of child elements for resultMap, resultMap/collection, and resultMap/association elements?

There current specification in the ibatis-3-mapper.dtd for the resultMap element looks like:

<!ELEMENT resultMap (constructor?,id*,result*,association*,collection*, discriminator?)>

For my work the order of calls to the mapped object is important and I would like to use:

<!ELEMENT resultMap (constructor?,id*,(result*|association*|collection*|discriminator?)*)>

to, as an example, support a structure something like

 <result />
 <association />
 <result />
 <collection />

I have tested this against with my local build and it appears to work as desired which means the iBatis parsing can handle the DTD change (haven't noticed side effects *yet*). Any thoughts on incorporation a change like this into future iBatis releases?

For background we are using iBatis 3.0 to directly map multiple row results sets to StAX events by using a singleton result object implementing the Map interface (from a custom ObjectFactory). The map keys (property attribute of resultMap/result element) represent the XML element/attribute stack (along with some unflattening directives) and the values are the mapped columns.   So far this has allowed us to stream GB of results from a single request w/ minimal footprint.


Tom Kunicki
Center for Integrated Data Analytics
U.S. Geological Survey
8505 Research Way
Middleton, WI 53562

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