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Mapping an Array of String



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i am calling an oracle stored procedure which return the type "TABLE OF
VARCHAR2" (as output parameter)
How can i map this type to the java type "String []" ?

SqlMap.xml :
<parameterMap id="calculDroits" class="CalculDroits">
   <parameter property="seqFormation" jdbcType="ARRAY"
javaType="java.lang.String[]" mode="OUT" />

<procedure id="pCalculDroits" parameterMap="calculDroits">
    { call pbw_calculDroitsReins.Du(?) }

JavaBean :
public class CalculDroits implements Serializable{

 private static final long serialVersionUID = 9014779368033647012L;
 private String[] codesDroit;

 public String[] getCodesDroit() {
   return codesDroit;
 public void setCodesDroit(String[] codesDroit) {
   this.codesDroit = codesDroit;

Thank you
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