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Possible to get ibatis to throw an exception if not all params are
filled in?




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We're using iBatis 2.3 with Tomcat 6.0.26 (Java 1.6). We have many queries
where we pass in parameters (e.g. "#company_id#"), similar to

    <select id="getNightlifeDetailsForHotels"
          SELECT vw_attractions_and_activities.* FROM
vw_attractions_and_activities WHERE (propertyid = #company_id#) and
(subcategoryid = 7) ORDER BY name

I was wondering if there is a way to get ibatis to throw an exception if not
all the parameters are filled in. Right now, it just substitutes a "null"
for parameters that are not included.

Here is an example Java method we use to invoke a query ...

 public static Object queryForObject(String newStmtId, Object inputParams)
throws SQLException {
   if (inputParams.getClass() == HashMap.class || inputParams.getClass() ==
     inputParams = preProcessParameters((Map) inputParams);
   return getSqlMapHandle().queryForObject(newStmtId, inputParams);

Thanks, - Dave
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