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SMTPAppender with server using SSL and MD5 challenge-response authentication



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I'm trying out Log4j 2 (2.0-beta7) in a project. I.e. in my code I use SLF4J, include Log4j 2 jars at runtime and assure by the use of Log4j 2 ConsoleAppender that my logging events indeed reach Log4j.

Now I would like to extend my logging output by adding an SMTPAppender that will forward to an SMTP server that uses SSL and MD5 challenge-response authentication. So far I have included javamail 1.4.7 jar into classpath at runtime. By this there is no error during execution of my application. Thus I use these as possible values of property smtpPort below. I have also added the SMTP appender to my root logger

I have scanned the ports on the server and checked that both 465 and 587 are open. (Also I successfully send email via this server using the same credentials in Mac OS X Mail client.)

Key parts of my configuration XML (in strict flavor) goes like this:

<appender type="SMTP" name="Mail" suppressExceptions="false"
 subject="Error log" to="${toAddress}" from="${fromAddress}"
 smtpHost="${smtpHost}" smtpPort="${smtpPort}" smtpProtocol="smtps"
 smtpUsername="${smtpUsername}" smtpPassword="${smtpPassword}"
 smtpDebug="true" bufferSize="1">

 <root level="info">
   <appender-ref ref="Console" />
   <appender-ref ref="Mail" />

However, as you probably guess by the nature of this email, I receive no email. Anyone with a few hints up there sleves? Any other dependency or version conflict to be aware of? Missing config options?

Jens Ivar Jørdre

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