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April Seattle Hadoop/Scalability/NoSQL Meetup: Cassandra, Science,

Bradford Stephens


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Hey there! Wanted to let you all know about our next meetup, April
28th. We've got a killer new venue thanks to Amazon.

Check out the details at the link:

Our Speakers this month:
1. Nick Dimiduk, Drawn to Scale: Intro to Hadoop, HBase, and NoSQL
2. Benjamin Black: Intro to Cassandra
3. Adam Jacob, CTO, OpsCode: Chef and Cluster Management
4. Sarah Killcoyne, Systems Biology: Big Data in Science

We've had great success in the past, and are growing quickly!
Including guests from LinkedIn, Amazon, Cloudant, 10gen/MongoDB, and

Our format is flexible: We usually have speakers who talk for ~20
minutes each and then do Q+A, plus lightning talks, dicussion, and
then social time.

There'll be beer afterwards, of course! Fierabend, 422 Yale Ave N

Meetup Location:
Amazon HQ, Von Vorst Building, 426 Terry Ave N., Seattle, WA 98109-5210

Hope to see you there! And we're always open to suggestions.

Bradford Stephens,
Founder, Drawn to Scale
727.697.7528 -- The intuitive, cloud-scale data
solution. Process, store, query, search, and serve all your data. -- The Fringes of Scalability, Social
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