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Re: Scheduler questions, 1.1 nightly build.

Phil Barnett


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I should add that what I really want to do is toss all previous crawl
information and reindex everything every night. It's just a few servers and
very low impact. My crawl on 1.0 takes about 10 minutes.

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 4:59 AM, Phil Barnett <philb@(protected):

> I'm having a problem where shouldfetch is rejecting everything. I have
> deleted the crawl directory and started the entire crawl from scratch by
> rm -rf crawl
> mkdir crawl
> mkdir segments
> I'm absolutely baffled by how this scheduler works.
> Is there documentation?
> Is the fetchtime saved somewhere other than the crawl database?
> I have tried lowering
> db.default.fetch.interval to 0
> db.fetch.interval.default to many lower values
> db.fetch.interval.max to different levels.
> With those changed, it crawls the top page over and over again. I make them
> a little larger and it rejects the top page.
> I'd really like to see how this tika parser works, but I can't get any web
> pages into the crawl database.
> The last thing I tried was to remove the entire /opt/nutch-1.1 directory
> and start from scratch. It made no difference.
> Is this a bug or am I doing something stupid?
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