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How to do faceting on data indexed by Nutch



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Hi All,
I might be repeating this question asked by someone else but googling didn't
help tracking any such mail responses.
I'm pretty much aware of Solr/Lucene and its basic architecture. I've done
hit highlighting in Lucene, has idea on faceting support by Solr but never
tried it actually. I wanted to implement faceting on Nutch's indexed data. I
already have some MBs of data already indexed by Nutch. I just want to
implement faceting on those . Can someone give me pointers on how to proceed
further in this regard. Or is it the case that I've to query using Solr
interface and redirect all the queries to the index already created by
Nutch. What is the best possible way, simplest way for achieving the same.
Please help in this regard.

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