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Separate Nutch(crawl) and Lucene (index/search)



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I have a requirement where I want to index and search file system contents
(my local server contents), and at the same time crawl a select set of
web-sites on the same search query.

I have search for my local file system implemented through Lucene. I would
like to have Nutch just crawl the web-sites and produce content, so that my
Lucene search application could index and search the web content as well. I
would like to use standalone Lucene for index/search of web-content also
because I want to use same analyzer across the two and have more control on
the search results like, say, apply different boosts to local content vs
web-content. I want to use Nutch code for crawling and retrieving web-links
of search results, but I want to do indexing/searching/analysis using Lucene

Is there a solution where only the crawling part of Nutch is taken and is
integrated with Lucene?
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