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full text search for java sources and subversion repository

Rafael Kubina


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i´m trying to do a full text search on my java souces (.java)  via nutch
(1.0), svn and http (mod_dav_svn).

other documents like html are pretty searchable, my sources not.

currently the output ist the following:

fetching http://s025/svn/java/foo/trunk/src/main/java/
Pre-configured  credentials with scope - host: s025; port: 80; found for
url: http://s025/svn/java/foo/trunk/src/main/java/
url:  http://s025/svn/java/foo/trunk/src/main/java/;  status
code: 200; bytes received: 5829; Content-Length: 5829

the  content-type for this file is text/plain

there are no  exceptions, no other problems.

i really appreciate any help that I  can get. Thanks a lot!

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