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Any way to configure a write timeout as an Axis2 client?

Andy Dysart


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Hello all,


We are having a problem with some Axis2 client code that is making a web service call to a server we do not control where that server gets locked up in some kind of bad state after having accepted a connection from us, but it does not read all of the request.


The data is relatively large (> 2 megabytes) and our client code ends up getting blocked on a socket write call.  We’ve successfully determined how to configure a timeout for the initial connection, and a timeout for the read of the response once the request is completely written.  But we have not found a way to configure a timeout on the write of the request itself.


The net result is that when the server fails in this way, our client code gets stuck on a socket write call which never times out.


Does anyone know of a way to resolve this?


Thanks in advance,


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