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Problemto access to an Axis 1 web service with a JAX-RPC client



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Trying to clear to expose my problem, I've created two simple Axis 1.3 web
services which are almost identical.
One can be access by a JAX-RPC while the other can't be.
The services contains only one operation : getTeam, which returns a Team
Team has a "name" attribute and an array of String which is the list of the
members of the team.

The only difference between the 2 services is that in one case, the Team
class is in the same package ( than the operation,
while in the other case, the two classes are in different packages
( and

When I try to access to the second service with a JAX-RPC client, I raise an
exception :
Unable to deserialize the name element of name the bean
The child element name doesn't belong to the namespace

My two wsdl et server-config.wsdd seems to be corrects.
But what seems odd to me is that the 2 services send the same response :

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
   <getTeamResponse xmlns="">
       <name>LA Lakers</name>
         <players>Kobe BRYANT</players>
         <players>Pau GASOL</players>
         <players>Andrew BYNUM</players>
         <players>Ron ARTEST</players>
         <players>Lamar ODOM</players>
         <players>Shannon BROWN</players>

I made some test with a mock service on soapUI, an my JAX-RPC client seems
to expect a response like this :
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
       <bean:name>SA Spurs</bean:name>
         <bean:players>Tony Parker</bean:players>
         <bean:players>Tim Duncan</bean:players>

I also made the test with Axis 1.4 and the results were the same.
My question is who is right, Axis or JAX-RPC.

Excuse my poor english.
Thank you for your help

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