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Setting up the server side



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I'm having troubles with setting up a webservice succesfully.

I have to develop a rahter complex webservice and client. The client was not
a problem. I generated the classes with WSDL2Java with option -g and -ss.
I dit this because I have 2 wsdl files (thus 2 services) who use the same
xsd schemes and could reuse the same generated classes for both the clients.
This works good.

Now I also have to implement a webservice, again starting from a WSDL, also
using the same xsd schemes.
Since they use the same classes I'm putting the client and the server in the
same project. (Don't know if this is a good approach ?).

Now I get lost.
The client side was pretty straight-forward : Create a class with void main,
instantiate the stub class and call the right function to invoke the right
With the server I don't know where to start. WSDL2Java generated for the
server some extra classes :

It seems clear that I need to change the Skeleton class en add the right
code, right ?

Then I want to test/deploy this service using Eclipse and the built-in
Tomcat Server v6.0.
I right-click on my project, choose New, then Other and then select Web
There I select bottom up Java bean Web Service and select the Skeleton
If I want to test it, Tomcat fails to find the WSDL.
Which is kinda logic since it searches for SifCareerServiceSkeleton.wsdl
instead of the existing SifCareerService_v1.wsdl that was used to generate
the classes.

Where did I go wrong or miss something ?

If anyone can give me some more insight on how to set this up correctly, it
would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.

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