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Can't get Axis handlers to work

Joe Ammann


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Hi list

I'm about to write my first module with Axis2 1.5. Here's what I did until now
to my existing service:

- write 2 classes SimpleModule (implements org.apache.axis2.modules.Module)
and Simple handler (extends AbstractHandler implements Handler)

- write module.xml and put it together with the 2 classes into a .mar file

<module name="ExampleModule" module="example.SimpleModule">
    <handler name="CommitHandler" class="example.SimpleHandler">
     <order phase="MessageOut"/>

- extend my services.xml with

<module ref="ExampleModule" />

- put the extend .aar file and the new .mar file into services/ resp. modules/

I can see in the logs that my module is somehow picked up:

2010-02-18 15:57:30,380 INFO org.apache.axis2.deployment.ModuleDeployer -
Deploying module: ExampleModule - file:...../modules/ExampleModule.mar

I have DEBUG on an following this message above, I have nothing else that
would indicate that the handler is installed somehow.

And - my problem - the handler.invoke() is never called.

Any hints what I'm doing wrong?

 CU, Joe
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