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SVG Font Issue between FOP-0.94 and FOP-1.0



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Hi all,

I'm new to the list so please be kind ;)

I'm currently investigating an issue in our documentation tool chain based
on DITA OT and FOP. The current FOP version used is FOP-0.94 in combination
with batik-all-1.7 and xmlgraphics-commons-1.4. With this combination of
versions everything is rendered correctly. In particular my SVGs and the
fonts in the SVG file are displayed as expected (as rendered in the SVG
Editor we use).

I'm currently trying to upgrade the toolkit to use the latest FOP version
(1.0) and everything is fine except for one thing. The fonts that are used
in the SVG files are not displayed correctly. I attached two snapshots to
illustrate what happens.

I found out that already version 0.95 of FOP shows this problem. So in
between 0.94 and 0.95 something must have changed that causes the issue.

I'm very grateful for any hints that help solving this issue. For the time
being we "can survive" with the older FOP version, but we I not very
confident staying on this old version.

For questions regarding the content/font types I have attached a sample SVG
file as well.

Thanks in advance...

Best regards,

PS: there is also a second issue with rendering the sample SVG file with
regards to indentation of texts (some texts are rendered with an offset).
This problem however exists with all used FOP version so far. But this not
the main subject of this post.

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than to help reproducing and solving the issues reported. Ownership and
copyright stays with the original author of this post and or the original
authors/providers of the files.
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