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Rob Sargent


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Thanks to a pointer from Chris Bowditch I'm using the fop trunk as of 2 days
ago to see if I can pull this off.

His hint on how to get the flow to skip a page:
<fo:simple-page-master master-name="nocontent">
<fo:region-body region-name="doesntexist"/>

My result:
The textless page is fine but it affects the next page(s). Unfortunately I
get little or no text on the immediate following page(s) The correct textual
content is picked up a page(s) later. I'm wondering if anyone else out there
is using region-name like this in production (or plans to) or has seen my
problem and dealt with it at all.

I have one case where the output is perfect-pages, textless-page,
unintentional-textless page, another-one, textless-page,
perfectly-fine-pages-of-text. Almost as if the textless-page is toggling
off-on the addition of text to the flow.

Or Vincent will get another nasty fo from me. :)


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