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Setting encryption options on foUserAgent

Jonathan Levinson


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I have written a FOP server that is multithreaded and gets it input over TCP/IP.


I’m trying to figure out how to set encryption options on an instance of FOUserAgent.  I believe I know how to set up a configuration file AND create a FopFactory from that configuration file but this won’t work in my multithreading configuration because there will be race conditions and it will be slow.  I’m sending different encryption options over TCP/IP and I want individual FOUserAgents to reflect those encryption options.  If I create a new FOP factory on every FOUserAgent it will slow the code down considerably, and because the configuration file is being changed for all users of the FOP factory,  an FOUserAgent could inadvertently get the configuration of another FOUserAgent.


Is there an API that allows one to set the encryption options on an instance of FOUserAgent?


Thanks in advance for all your help!


Kind Regards,



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