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Incorrect spacing on Linux only (urgent issue for me)

Marcin Tustin


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Hi all,

I'm using FOP (as contained inĀ fop-20120423.jar) to generate PCL. However, the output on windows and linux are completely different (examples attached).

On windows, font rendering is incredibly blocky (not a problem - windows is only my dev environment) and correctly spaced.

On linux font rendering is crisp (good), but there are weird extra spaces inserted in the output. This does not happen with PDF output, and it does not happen on windows, so I infer that the FO input is fine. I am at a loss to imagine what might be the cause of this issue.

Any suggestions on possible workarounds, or possible fixes would be greatly appreciated. This issue is very urgent for me, although I understand that it may not be an issue for other users.


Marcin Tustin
Tel: 07773 787 105

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