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maven problem with https: RSA premaster secret error

Lars Huttar


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Hi all,
I'm sorry if this is off-topic, but I've googled the maven mailing lists
for this and found nothing.

I was able to run maven (and thus use C3) on my development desktop
machine (running Windows 7).
But when I tried running maven on another machine, I got the following
mysterious error output:

D:\Apache Group\c3>mvn -X -e archetype:generate
-DarchetypeVersion=3.0.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT -DgroupId=org.sil
-DartifactId=theParent -Dversion=1.0-SNAPSHOT

[INFO] Archetype defined by properties
[WARNING] Could not transfer metadata
archetype-parent:3.0.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT/maven-metadata.xml from/to
Error transferring file: RSA premaster secret error

I've googled around other places and found advice to the effect that
something is "stuffing up the child JVM's bootclasspath in a way that
causes the crypto libraries to break".
However I have no idea how to address that problem.
Install a new version of Java and make sure its JRE is at the front of
the classpath?

Is there a way to just tell maven not to use https?
I tried changing the repo URL to use "http" instead of "https", but that
just gave me a bunch of checksum warnings and XML validation errors.


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