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how to pass parameters to a service transformer

Robby Pelssers


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Hi all,


I’ve got a question regarding the service transformer.  How do I pass any parameters to the service?  The demo from get-started page is not clear on this topic.



<map:match pattern="custom-transformation-service/*">

  <map:generate src="service-consumer:"/>

  <map:transform src="xslt/custom_transformer.xslt" type="saxon">

    <map:parameter name="separator" value="{1}"/>


  <map:serialize type="xml"/>




Currently I pass on the parameter by extracting the separator from the match pattern

but is there another way?  First of all i'm asking because i foresee issues in doing it this way.

 Secondly I see use cases where I need to pass a bunch of parameters and i don't want ugly match patterns.

Suppose I want to pass on two URL’s as parameters, I’m already blocked  with this approach.


<map:match pattern="test-csv-transformer-service">

  <map:generate src="data/testdata.xml"/>

  <map:transform type="servletService">

    <map:parameter name="service" value="servlet:shared:/custom-transformation-service/&#x9;"/>


  <map:serialize type="xml"/>




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