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parent of parent artifact?

Lars Huttar


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Hi all,

Again, I'm following the directions at to create a new Cocoon 3 web
I've created a Cocoon block for samples, an empty block, an empty Java
web app project (which depends on the cocoon block), and a parent module.

Next, I "cd" to the empty web app (cocoon-archetype-webapp) and run "mvn
But I get this error:

[ERROR]   Invalid packaging for parent POM
cocoon-archetype-parent:3.0.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT (C:\Program Files\Apache
Foundation\c3\cocoon-archetype-parent\pom.xml), must be "pom" but is
"jar" @ org
:\Program Files\Apache Software

So I look at cocoon-archetype-parent\pom.xml's <parent> element, and it
has the following:


There is no folder at ../parent, so it's not surprising that this is
throwing an error. But the 'must be "pom" but is "jar"' message is
misleading, if I'm correct about the cause of the problem.

My question then is, what's the fix?
I don't know of any reason why this parent module needs to have a
parent. But then I don't understand why I have 4 blocks in the first
place, instead of just 1.
Can I just delete this whole <parent> element and its children out of


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