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fop-users Digest 10 Dec 2012 13:39:15 -0000 Issue 2620

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Re: using FOP to convert RTF to FO
 36109 by: sareth


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hello everyone, thank you very much for your replies !

I need produced FO file in order to modify it and to include it in another
FO file, dynamically.

I'm restricted to RTF format. You're right, I already merged some docx file
with docx4j and it's really a very good tool.

I found a solution:
I convert RTF file in DOC with MSWord through Jacob, then I use Apache POI
3.9 to convert DOC to FO, by overriding picture manager method in order to
create and extract them in a subfolder and to insert "fo:external-graphic"
in FO resulting file.

I tested it, and it worked (but pictures size have to be reworked in FO

thank you again

with regards,

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