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fop-users Digest 14 Jan 2013 07:26:26 -0000 Issue 2635

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Performance improvement suggestions
 36167 by: nels


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My first FOP project ... I am trying to provide near instantaneous conversion
of XML to PDF for our users and have written a custom XSL-FO. Having read a
number of threads here I have seen the suggestion to replace PNG images with
JPG. I have done this though from my timings I can't say with certainty that
run times have reduced. I have seen other suggestions and seek some more
information as to how to implement them - they are:

load style sheets into memory,
use a server VM and
don't use tables.

The third suggestion I could probably do but would take a fair bit of effort
and I would like to know up front if this would speed things up
significantly. Also how do I draw the table cell borders if I don't
explicitly use tables?

Any assistance appreciated.

just starting out with FOP - don't hurt me!
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