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[ANN] Maven Dependency Plugin 2.6 Released



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The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
Dependency Plugin, version 2.6

The dependency plugin provides the capability to manipulate artifacts.
It can copy and/or unpack artifacts from local or remote repositories
to a specified location.

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Maven Dependency Plugin - Version 2.6

** Bug
  * [MDEP-122] - Analyze target does not work correctly when only
using a constant defined in a different module
  * [MDEP-124] - Dependency incorrectly reported as "Unused declared"
  * [MDEP-176] - excludes not considered in analyze?
  * [MDEP-205] - type configuration ignored in sources goal
  * [MDEP-253] - Purge does not purge released artifacts
  * [MDEP-256] - invoking purge-local-repository leads to deletion
of %JDK_HOME%/lib/tools.jar
  * [MDEP-272] - purge-local-repository does nothing if certain
dependencies are included
  * [MDEP-298] - mvn dependency:sources lists parameters
'classifier' and 'type', but manually overrides them
  * [MDEP-300] - Unpacking artifacts should be based on type, with
fallback on file-extension
  * [MDEP-328] - scriptableOutput/scriptableFlag have no effect
  * [MDEP-353] - Unit tests fail on Windows
  * [MDEP-366] - NPE when running site
  * [MDEP-371] - useJvmChmod true by default
  * [MDEP-376] - -Dexcludes filtering not working anymore
  * [MDEP-383] - Update purge-local-repository to work in Maven 3
  * [MDEP-388] - NPE in analyze-report

** Improvement
  * [MDEP-173] - Support 'includes' in purge-local-repository
  * [MDEP-246] - purge-local-repository inclusions
  * [MDEP-285] - Document abstract method
  * [MDEP-287] - Make maven-dependency-plugin @threadSafe
  * [MDEP-343] - Add "skip" parameter for copy-dependencies
  * [MDEP-360] - Allow using folder as dependency:get destination parameter
  * [MDEP-377] - use last plexus-utils 3.0.7 which is faster on copying files.
  * [MDEP-384] - build-classpath should be able to use the
artifact's baseVersion
  * [MDEP-385] - Default fuzziness level should be version instead of file
  * [MDEP-386] - Split purge-local-repository into manual and transitive

** New Feature
  * [MDEP-210] - Support includes/excludes configuration in analyze
  * [MDEP-380] - copy-dependencies should be able to use the
artifact's baseVersion
  * [MDEP-381] - Unpack an artifact from commandline


-The Apache Maven team
©2008 - Jax Systems, LLC, U.S.A.