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[ANN] Maven Surefire Plugin 2.15 Released

Andreas Gudian


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The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
Surefire Plugin, version 2.15

This is the first release that does not support JVM versions prior 1.5
to be forked.

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Maven Surefire - Version 2.15

** Bug
  * [SUREFIRE-829] - junit | Support inheritance while running test
cases belonging to a particular category/group
  * [SUREFIRE-938] - out of memory when logging more messages than heap size
  * [SUREFIRE-944] - Surefire does not execute tests on abstract
classes that contain static nested classes
  * [SUREFIRE-951] - Better handling of file.encoding system property
  * [SUREFIRE-969] - Log line on screen output
  * [SUREFIRE-973] - add properties to classpathDependencyExcludes
and additionalClasspathElements parameters
  * [SUREFIRE-985] - Some Parameterized tests are not executed (or
not reported)
  * [SUREFIRE-989] - Maven Failsafe Web-Site (Documentation) is not
usable / not deployed
  * [SUREFIRE-990] - NPE When using maven-failsafe-plugin in
parallel mode with cucumber-jvm
  * [SUREFIRE-991] - NPE when all tests are done with failsafe
(parallel=classes) and cucumber-jvm
  * [SUREFIRE-992] - Surefire trims too much stack, with trimStackTrace=true
  * [SUREFIRE-996] - <system-out> and <system-err> content of junit
xml report are not escaped
  * [SUREFIRE-998] - Problems with Umlauts in <system-out> (and
probably <system-err>) content of junit xml report.
  * [SUREFIRE-999] - Skip phase `validate` during site-generation
for `report-only` resp. `failsafe-report-only`

** Improvement
  * [SUREFIRE-968] - Test summary line does not indicate what was
being run when using concurrency
  * [SUREFIRE-1002] - Simplify classloader structure

** New Feature
  * [SUREFIRE-569] - There should be a way to run unit tests from a
dependency jar.


-The Apache Maven team
©2008 - Jax Systems, LLC, U.S.A.