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[ANN] Apache Maven War Plugin 2.4 Released

Olivier Lamy


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The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Apache
Maven War Plugin, version 2.4

The WAR Plugin is responsible for collecting all artifact
dependencies, classes and resources of the web application and
packaging them into a web application archive.

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Apache Maven 2.x WAR Plugin - Version 2.4

** Bug
  * [MWAR-128] - war goal does not copy empty directories from
webapp directory
  * [MWAR-192] - Conflict with workspace resoutlion in m2eclipse
  * [MWAR-258] - Filtering of webResources stops on @ character
  * [MWAR-267] - Maven WAR plugin does not copy dependencies of type
"bundle" into WEB-INF/lib
  * [MWAR-280] - Big performance hit in overlay
  * [MWAR-295] - weird icon on mac due awt toolkit setup
  * [MWAR-296] - maven-war-plugin can cause multiple dependent lib
files with same snapshot version.

** Improvement
  * [MWAR-269] - war fails to build while using m2e in workspace
resolution mode
  * [MWAR-297] - Change default value for recompressZippedFiles to true

** New Feature
  * [MWAR-298] - Make it possible to set warName form command line.

Have fun,
The Apache Maven team
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