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Fix existing POM of poi 3.0-FINAL

Fix existing POM of poi 3.0-FINAL

2007-05-31       - By Joerg Hohwiller

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FYI: Pom of 3.0-final has been fixed in central maven repository.

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Betreff: Re: Fix existing POM of poi 3.0-FINAL
Datum: Wed, 30 May 2007 13:22:25 -0700
Von: Carlos Sanchez <carlos@(protected)>
An: Joerg Hohwiller <joerg@(protected)>
Referenzen: <465DBFF7.1010802@(protected)>

fixed now

On 5/30/07, Joerg Hohwiller <joerg@(protected)> wrote:
> Hi Carlos,
> sorry for mailing directly but it is sort of urgent.
> As commented in:
> (See
> the POM of apache POI in version 3.0-FINAL has been released but is invalid:
> (See
> Too bad that this can happen at all.
> I am very very sorry that this has happened and I know the complete philosophy
> of not changing stuff after it is released to ibiblio. Anyhow could you be so
> nice and make an excuse and remove the <logo> tag from the <organization>
> section. I also attached the fixed POM to the MEV-479 (See issue.
> When we leave it like this it will help nobody and when you fix it soon
> only very little of local repositories contain the invalid pom while tonsof
> further involed ones will receive the correct one. The problem is that maven
> does NOT process the POM as it is now, because it does NOT follow the spec.
> I somehow did not double check and the POI community is not too interested
> in maven. Now after the 2.5.1 release from 2004-08-04 the 3.0-FINAL is the
> release and if we have to wait another 3 years before 3.1 comes out and fixes
> the pom it would really be a pitty ;)
> Thank you so much
>   J?rg

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